I love high heels. You know, the kind of shoes you cannot really walk in, but which are mesmerizing you from the shop window as if they were sirens, whispering: “Come and buy us”. I have a few pairs like these, I do not get to wear them very often, but when I do I feel fantastic, and Sexy Hubby is a fan too (but then he also loves me in jeans and cowgirl boots, as previously mentioned).

Another one of my addictions is leopard print. Yes, I know. I do not care, I am enamoured with this pattern and also have quite a collection of items that I wear regularly, but not all together, obviously.

So can you imagine what happened when Sexy Hubby spotted these sandals in a Mango shop in Barcelona and pointed them out to me?

That is right, instant lust. I tried them on, and they fitted perfectly. I was, however, going to be reasonable and not buy them, but Sexy Hubby told me not to be ridiculous and that they were made for me. He then grabbed them, marched towards the till and bought them for me. He came back with a huge grin on his face, gave me the bag and kissed me, assuring me that he would enjoy them very much too…

I am enjoying these sandals very much indeed, and as I am planning to publish both a high heels and a leopard print posts at some point, I am sure you will see them again!

Now tell me, do you have a pair of shoes that makes you feel fabulous?



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36 thoughts on “Shoes – How To Combine Two Addictions”

    1. 😉 I remember you commenting on another post and saying you were a shoe fan, so I kind of thought you would like this one! As for the nail varnish, I normally wear Chanel Rouge Noir or Vendetta but thought I would give this orange one a go for the summer. It was a freebie that came with a magazine Sexy Hubby bought for me and I love it!

  1. I would love to have a pair of shoes like those, and a sexy husband who would buy them for me 😉 (nb I do have a husband. He is sexy. But he would probably laugh at the shoes in the shop and drag me towards the door)

  2. Haha my OH thinks paying anymore than a tenner for anything you wear is excessive (unless it’s for his motorbike in which case he will spend hundreds!). He would never buy me shoes! Lucky Lady! x

    1. LOL!! Sexy Hubby also bought me my beautiful cowgirl boots. I am a lucky lady indeed. Thanks for commenting. xx

  3. Wow, a husband that drags you to the till to buy shoes? And what fab shoes they are! I am in desperate need of a pair of heels but rarely get the chance to wear them! *sniff* Nice pic x x

    1. Yes, he has his moments!! 😉 Good luck with your quest of a new pair of heels, and glad you like the photo! xx

    1. Thanks, I find them very sexy too! 😉 Looks like our hubbies have at least one thing in common… 🙂

    1. Let’s say that I did not fight too much when Sexy Hubby said that he would get them for me… 😉 Thanks for stopping by.

    1. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it “shoe fetish”, but I surely do like to see a woman wearing nice shoes! 🙂

  4. I’ve got some orange nail varnish on my toes at the moment – very current, are we not? 😉

    Loving the sandals and loving your generous hubby. Isn’t it fab when they insist you must have something!

  5. Do I have to tell you I haven’t this style of shoes ? ^^ I prefer my converses or my keds ^^

    But I like your picture ! Each one her own style and you perfectly choose yours !

    1. LOL!! No, you did not have to tell me!! Thanks, glad you like the photo, and I do wear Converse too! 😉

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