Shapes… When I discovered this week’s prompt, a slide show started in my mind. I quickly opened iPhoto and started looking for the images that had flashed in front of my eyes. Of course there were far too many to use them all, so here is a small selection. I hope you will enjoy them!


I hope that you are not getting bored of hearing about Las Vegas by now… I took so many photos that it could keep me going for another year! This was in the brand new Crystals mall which had just opened, finishing touches were still being added to it. Excessive like most places in Sin City, but such pretty shapes!


No, I am not the one who sculpted this hand and this foot but I had to immortalize them as I was so taken with them. They look so perfect! A lot of time and care must have gone into creating them, and it makes a change from your average sand castle (not that there is anything wrong with sand castles, I love them too!).


These images come from two different trips to Venice. Both times I went to the Palazzo Grassi because:

  1. The building is simply breathtaking
  2. The exhibitions are always fantastic
  3. It is the home of the François Pinault contemporary art collection, one of the biggest in the world.

I just loved these two pieces exposed outside by the canal, so funky and eye catching!


This was in 2003. I went for a thalassotherapy week in Tunis in January – it was heaven, I could do with another one right now! – and booked one of the half day trips organised by the hotel. This took me first to Carthage, where I really felt part of history thanks to our fabulously erudite guide. We then visited Sidi Bou Said, a very pretty village full of these traditional white and blue houses and overlooking the sea.

I now wish I had time to reminisce more and daydream for a while, but unfortunately not!

15 thoughts on “Shapes – From Around The World”

  1. You’ve picked a super selection of photos here – they are all just my cup of tea!

    There’s another blue Tunisian door elsewhere on the Gallery today (what are the chances of that?) – it was on a post by “Is there a Plan B” – you should compare notes!

  2. Thank you for the focus for these 4 cities. I am sure you could write this same subject with two completely different pictures for each ! And it would be always so “true” !

  3. Mine was in Sidi Bou Said too – so it might even actually *be* the same door!

    I remember the tombstone too – I couldn’t take any pictures there, I just found the enormity of all those thousands of dead children too much and found myself needing to get away, but it was an amazing place wasn’t it?

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