A very quick post today to share with you Second Daughter’s leap of faith last night…

She had been talking for a little while about getting a fringe, only to change her mind the last time we went to the hairdresser. For some unknown reason she suddenly decided yesterday after dinner that she did want a different hairstyle after all and that doing it herself was a brilliant idea. She did not share this thought with us, though, and quietly went off to the bathroom. She got her hair wet  – first mistake – and then… cut.

At first I did not notice as she had pulled her hair back and just said it had got a bit damp while she was getting ready for bed. I think after that she realised what she had done and pulled the friend who was visiting us into the bathroom with her, asking for help. Of course there was nothing she could do but support Second Daughter as she was about to face her mother’s wrath.

Well, I cannot say that I was pleased but I did not even shout at her. I told her that now she knew why I tell them not to do anything to their hair! She was quite upset and could not go to sleep, it took quite a few cuddles and kisses and the promise to a trip to the hairdresser to settle her.

So here is the incriminating picture and off to the salon we go!


6 thoughts on “Self-Styled Hair”

  1. That’s short indeed !!! But it will grow up again (and again and again…) and I think the lesson was teached by herself 😉

    Who didn’t cut her hair when she was young ? ^^

    1. Yes, I do not think she will do this again… 😉 Our hairdresser sorted out the best she could, we just have to wait for the fringe to grow but the look suits her!

  2. hahahaahaha I know what she did is wrong but it´s very sweet at the same time!! she tried to do things her own way, it went wrong, she learned from the experience and her mum comforted her. That´s the way we grow up!!

    1. Indeed! 😉 Not so dramatic, and she did a reasonable job of cutting it straight, only it was too short…

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