In front of 14’000 fans, the Scorpions delivered a powerful yet intimate performance on May 1st in the Lanxess Arena in Koeln. Powerful because of the energy and the pleasure, intact, to sing and play. Intimate because of the band members mostly sitting on their stools in a relaxed way, with frontman Klaus Meine telling anecdotes to the public. Sexy Hubby and I learned that night that apparently Still Loving You was responsible for a baby boom in France…

I may have mentioned once or twice how brilliant Sexy Hubby is when it comes to presents. I opened last Christmas a pretty envelope and was thrilled to find Gold Circle tickets for the Scorpions on their MTV Unplugged Live tour. The last time we had seen the Scorpions was during their Get Your Sting and Blackout World Tour in 2010 in Berlin. We had a fabulous evening and I was wondering how different Cologne would be with an acoustic concert. I have been listening quite extensively to Scorpions MTV Unplugged in Athens double CD since getting it last December – yes, another present from Sexy Hubby – and love it, so I was impatient to see and not only hear.

As you can see from the set list below, the evening was a really good mix of recent and older songs, with young German songwriters and singers Cäthe and Johannes Oerding invited as special guests. It would have been a bonus to see the lead singer for A-ha, Morten Harket, joining the band too like he did in Athens on Wind of Change, but then we discovered new artists instead. Another twist was some of the band members choosing a piece to perform “solo”: Matthias Jabs treated us to Delicate Dance, Rudolf Schenker to Love is the Answer and Klaus Meine, his voice still as clear and characteristic after 45 years, to Follow Your Heart. The percussions “duel” was fun too, with Johan Franzon on drums, standing in for James Kottak. I would also like to mention the eight-piece Strings From Heaven; the musicians were the perfect accompaniment to this acoustic show.

2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Scorpions… I wonder what they will come up with to celebrate this milestone?
Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live - Lanxess Arena Koeln - Stage
Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live - Lanxess Arena Koeln - Sexy Hubby
Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live - Lanxess Arena Koeln - Katia Funkywellies
Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live - Lanxess Arena Koeln - Rudolf Schenker and Strings of Heaven
Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live - Lanxess Arena Koeln - Rudolf Schenker
Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live - Lanxess Arena Koeln - Matthias Jabs
Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live - Lanxess Arena Koeln - Rock and Roll
Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live - Lanxess Arena Koeln - Klaus Meine
Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live - Lanxess Arena Koeln - Klaus Meine, Cäthe and Johannes Oerding
Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live - Lanxess Arena Koeln - End of Concert

• Sting in the Tail
• Can’t Live Without You
• Speedy’s Coming
• Born to Touch Your Feelings
• The Best Is Yet to Come
• Dancing With the Moonlight
• In Trance (with Cäthe)
• When You Came Into My Life (with Cäthe)
• Delicate Dance (Matthias Jabs – Instrumental)
• Love is the Answer (Rudolf Schenker on vocals)
• Follow Your Heart (Klaus Meine solo only with acoustic guitar)
• Send Me an Angel
• Where the River Flows
• Passion Rules the Game
• Hit Between the Eyes (with Johannes Oerding)
• Percussions Medley
• Rock ‘n’ Roll Band
• Blackout


• Wind of Change
• Still Loving You
• Big City Nights
• Rock You Like a Hurricane (with Johannes Oerding)

Encore 2:

• When the Smoke Is Going Down

21 thoughts on “Scorpions MTV Unplugged Live |
Lanxess Arena Cologne

  1. Photos are fab, and really capture the wonder and fun of the evening. I especially like ‘Rock and Roll’ – it could so easily describe my life, not – but I wish it did 🙂

    1. LOL! That was a tricky one to take as the words were passing through the three huge screens very quickly, but I was determined! 😉
      Glad you like the photos, it was really fun to take them. xx

  2. Oh wow Katia this must have been incredible, what a show. My kind of music too. Sounds like a brilliant concert, hard to believe it’s 50 years wowsers! Lovely post and great photos, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory (and sorry to be late commenting this week) x

    1. They still really rock, had a fab time. 😀
      I know, 50 years is such an amazing milestone!
      Thanks for hosting, always a pleasure to join in, and really no need to apologise! 🙂 xx

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend, so good to be able to see a band that you’ve loved for so long. We’ve seen a few from the 80’s recently and had a fab time at each of the concerts. I love the first photo, the stage set looks amazing. #betterphotoproject

    1. The stage set was quite impressive indeed.
      Next: Aerosmith, first time I will see them live, curious!
      Which bands did you see? xx

  4. I saw the Scorpions many years ago – no wonder they sit on stools now, must be getting on a bit ;-))

    Terrific photos of the event, Katia. Really captures the atmosphere x

    1. LOL!! I can assure you that they still totally rock, standing up too! 😉
      Thank you, I had so much fun taking these photos with my new camera (not too sure what happened with the one Sexy Hubby took of me but thought it was interesting!) xx

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