Second Daughter and I just came back from a week in the UK. We had a brilliant time staying with my friend “down South” – I also have friends “up North”! – and visiting Stonehenge and Glastonbury. Of course a single post will not be enough, so I will start with Samhain, or Halloween, in the Chalice Gardens, Glastonbury.
Lights and Plants - Samhain in the Chalice Gardens
Thankfully arriving under menacing but dry skies, this wonderful place worked its magic on us straight away. It was twilight, and the numerous candle jars or tea lights artfully disposed in the most important spots added to the spell. There were lanterns too, guiding us along the paths.
Chalice Pool
Second Daughter first went to see the Grand Wizard, who welcomed her to the Chalice Well School of Wizardry. He gave her a stone and sent her on her way. The first stop was the beautiful Light Mandala, set amongst the Yew trees. A big wood fire was built in the middle, waiting to crackle. It was asked of the children to spent some quiet time there and light a candle of kindness with someone or somewhere in mind.
Grand Wizard - Samhain in the Chalice Gardens
We then visited the nearby Water Wizard waiting for us by the source. The kids were shown how to play a tune with water bottles filled at different levels, and received a small plastic bottle to fill on their next stop, the Lions Head.
Holy Chalice Source
Once this was completed, we waited for Second Daughter to have her session with the Wishing Wizard. I remained at a distance while she talked with him. She was told to throw the stone given by the Grand Wizard into the well while making a wish for someone else. As everybody knows, wishes have to remain secret to work, don’t they?
Chalice Well
Reaching the top of the gardens, we encountered a very modern Sky Wizard…. Armed with his iPad and running a star-mapping app, he helped us discover the constellations. Given the very dark clouds blocking the view entirely, I guess he had to improvise!
Sky Wizard - Sahmain in the Chalice Gardens
Our last stop was the Tree Wizard and Witch. Second Daughter was asked to pick a twig out of the basket the witch was carrying. It came from an ash tree. Again I gave my daughter some privacy, but caught the words “healing”, “at sea” and “unicorn” all the same. After the wizard was finished with his explanations, Second Daughter threw the twig into the burning fire, making this time a wish for herself. She then picked a little souvenir from the basket and that was the end of her “training”.
Tree Witch - Samhain in the Chalice Gardens
We had some soup and cake, and as we still had an hour in front of us before the wizardry show, we went off on a Trick or Treat tour. It was by then pouring down, and probably too early for most people to be home. Our attempt was moderately successful, but Second Daughter was in good spirits all the same.
Knowledge hat - Sahmain in the Chalice Gardens
We went back to the gardens and bravely stood under our umbrella in the rain to enjoy the wizardry show, which was quite funny. At the end, all children received a Certificate Of Wizardship. We got ourselves some tea and more cake, and took refuge under the Yew trees, where the bonfire had by now been started. Second Daughter enjoyed lighting more candles, and then we decided to call it a day. I would have loved to stay for the adult ceremony, but that meant waiting for another hour and I also did not want to leave Second Daughter alone in our B&B. So we left and did a bit more Trick and Treating along the way.
Bonfire - Samhain in the Chalice Gardens
As we got to the top of the stairs leading to our room back at Parsnips B&B, we found in front of the door a pumpkin shaped bucket full of sweets with a lovely note. This was our landlady Lynda’s Halloween present for Second Daughter, how absolutely nice of her!

Lights - Samhain in the Chalice Gardens
We made ourselves more tea and collapsed on the beds. These celebrations were following a full sightseeing and shopping day, hence the exhaustion! Second Daughter declared the evening her best Halloween ever, and her happiness made it the best one for me too…


Fairy Lights - Samhain in the Chalice Gardens
one week

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    1. Now you know! 😉 Thanks, and it was really well thought and prepared. I liked the emphasis they put on thinking about others too. xx

    1. It truly was, I am so glad we happened to be in Glastonbury at that time. As for the B&B, would definitely stay there again.

  1. I’m so glad that you linked up! I had this post in my inbox and was going to read it anyway. What a magical evening – it sounded wonderful! I love the celebration of Samhain, although it’s been very misunderstood as to it’s purpose. I wish I could have been there – love the photos, and lovely for the children.

    1. Thanks for hosting the linky! 🙂 It really was wonderful, and I totally approved of the accent the “wizards” put on considering others. I agree with your analysis of Samhain, which is why I thought it a good idea to use it in my title instead of Halloween. I would gladly go there again for the celebrations. xx

  2. These celebrations sound like such a wonderful experience for you and your daughter to share. They are something I know nothing about so I found it al very interesting. Thanks for enlightening me!

    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂 It certainly was a very special Halloween, different from what we usually do.

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