No, I was not at the Cybermummy conference in London on June 25th! Instead I was attending a two-day rock festival with Sexy Hubby and some friends close to the Loreley, in Sankt Goarshausen to be precise – yes, I know, I also said: “Hem… Where?” when Sexy Hubby suggested we went!

A rare moment of sunshine...

The location is absolutely beautiful, we made new friends who were staying at the same hotel as us, and the lineup was quite impressive: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Saga, Thin Lizzy, Kansas, Foreigner and Journey. I had been looking forward to listening to Survivor too for old times’ sake – who does not know “Eye of the Tiger”? – but sadly they cancelled at the last minute, to my great disappointment.

I also discovered bands I knew nothing about and enjoyed “Apart from Rod” – ex-Rod Stewart’s musicians – or Night Ranger. Bonfire, a German band, also performed, and the interesting anecdote here is that Sexy Hubby played at a concert before them with his own band many years ago.

Holding onto the plastic sheet!

The keyword with outdoor music festivals seems to be rain. Well, we had plenty of it. On the Friday Sexy Hubby and I, sporting standard rain jackets, accepted the offer of the kind people behind us who had brought along a huge sheet of plastic and huddled underneath with them. This kept us dry, but kind of stopped us from seeing anything from the performance of Stryper and Thin Lizzy. As the evening wore on it also got very cold. In the end, counting my bra, my pashmina and the blanket around my shoulder I had eight layers on and still did not feel comfortable. I have to say that this, added to the fact that eating two huge bretzels, the second “vegetarian option”, the first one being chips, and washing them down with a couple of cocktails, made me quite sleepy and I had trouble concentrating on Saga and Manfred’s Mann. I do remember my friend wondering why the latter was singing Bruce Springsteen’s and Elvis’ songs as they have so many of their own, though.

My friend and I ready to hit the festival...

The next morning, the men went on a mission and came back with thick, olive coloured workers’ rain jackets and a painter’s plastic sheet too. Of course, we then only had about ten minutes of light rain but at least we are ready for the next festival! It was also thankfully much warmer and we were able to enjoy all the bands.

They were all incredible and it is hard for me to say which one was my favourite. I had a ball listening to Foreigner old and new songs and was impressed with singer Kelly Hansen who joined them in 2005. Did they sing “I want to know what love is”? Of course they did. Did Sexy Hubby and I kiss like teenagers while they did? You bet, and it was a fantastic moment.

The last act was Journey. Now I have to confess that when Sexy Hubby mentioned them I could not have named one of their songs but as soon as most started I immediately recognized them. As it happens, “Don’t stop believin” is the most legally downloaded track in history! What a fantastic show… I was bowled over by new frontman Arnel Pineda, who was discovered by Journey on YouTube when the band was looking for a replacement for Steve Perry. What energy, what an incredible voice! The perfect end to a brilliant festival.

The evening did not stop there. After walking downhill on uneven steps for about twenty minutes, then doing another kilometre or so by the river to catch the ferry back and driving to the hotel, we decided to celebrate my friend’s birthday as it was past midnight. Our new friends had bought a cake in the morning and we shared it with wine followed by tequila and cognac depending on personal taste, then more wine before we decided to call it a night.

Are we going back next year? Most probably, together with our olive rain jackets…

24 thoughts on “Rock The Nation”

  1. Cybermummy was brilliant but I am so jealous of your festival – can’t remember the last time I went to one but would give my right arm. Shame about Survivor cancelling. Glad you hd loads of fun

  2. Of course you’re going back next year, and not just with your rain jackets – also with your friends!!! 🙂

  3. Brilli-yuuuuuuuuunt! Let’s rock! Looks like a fantastic, if not a little damp, weekend. I saw Thin LIzzy at Manchester Apollo back in the ’80s, when dear Phil was doing his thang – ‘y’all know wha ah’m talking about!’
    Great stuff.

    1. It was absolutely fantastic! You sound very enthusiastic, can I count you in with Mari and Emma, then? 😉

  4. Looks like funky wellies were needed then! Not my cup of tea music wise, but festivals are always fun and have a great atmosphere. You lookmvery fetching in your olive coloured rain coat 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Pity I was not wearing the funky wellies featured on my blog – optimistically left in my running shoes! – as they would have matched the rain coat perfectly!!

  5. I didn’t go to cybermummy either, but I would have LOVED to go to the festival! Even with the rain it looks like a good weekend!


  6. I must be getting old as the thought of being cold and wet would put me off, even though, as you know, I’m an old rocker at heart.
    I like the sound of the cocktails and the snogging though 😉

    1. We were optimistic about the weather when we left, but did not quite work on Friday! Saturday was fine, really, and yes, the cocktails and snogging helped us keeping warm! ;o
      Also saw lots of embroidered jackets – jeans or leather – and thought of you!! 🙂

  7. I know I’ve read this in fits and starts between work calls this morning but did I miss the snogging bit? Brilliant write up, really enjoyed reading it and as I said. I’ve come back to it over and over to get to the end. I didn’t do cybermummy but would do festival 🙂

    1. OK, at this rate I will have to organize a bus to take us to the festival next year! 🙂 Very happy you enjoyed it so much that you kept coming back despite the interruptions. As for the snogging, go to the “Foreigner – I want to know what you love is” bit… 😉

  8. Hi, found you via another blog and thought I would pop over.
    I’m impressed you survived the mud and rain, but the pics make it look as though it was well worth it. I wasn’t at Glastonbury or cybermummy but at home with an ill son while my OH took my eldest up to Hyde park for the Bon Jovi concert……….I get all the best jobs- NOT!!

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by! Just read your weekend post (commenting did not work 🙁 ), poor you! We are going to see Bon Jovi in two weeks… Want to join us?

  9. sounds like quite a line-up and certainly stimulated a few memories for me too. Glad people who did not go to Cybermummy were doing fun things too

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