August 2008. It was the beginning of my relationship with the man who was at the time Sexy Boyfriend. We had spent two weekends together in July and then I had left to go on holiday to the US with my daughters and we did not see each other for four weeks. In other words, a lifetime! Luckily it was his turn to be on holiday when I came back and he stayed for two weeks at my place in Switzerland.

While Sexy Boyfriend was with me, we went to Rock Oz, a music festival held in Avenches, a town that used to be the capital of Roman Helvetia. An idyllic setting for such an event, including the fantastic old arena and its perfect sound. There were three bonuses waiting for us that night: one of my best friends, who had just released his first album, was performing – on the smaller stage, but one day I hope to go and see him on the main one! This meant that quite a few of my friends, who I had not seen in a while, would be there too and I was looking forward to meeting them and introducing them to Sexy Boyfriend. Last but not least, we would also get VIP treatment as I had been invited with the person of my choice by one of my suppliers who had become a friend. When you put all these facts together, it cannot get much better than that, can it?

We did have a fantastic time, enjoying first the separate entrance with no queue, the cocktail dînatoire with the breathtaking views, as part of Avenches was built on top of a hill, the champagne and catching up with my supplier friend. This was followed by meeting with the rest of the crowd and buying the T-Shirts our singer friend had had printed. I just love the “I’m A Toyboy” one I bought for Sexy Boyfriend! Then it was time for the concert, it was brilliant seeing Mykonos – his artist name – accomplishing one of his dreams, and I think I can safely said that we all felt very proud of him!

After some more champagne it was time to go back to our posh hotel overlooking the Gruyères Lake. It was one beautiful night and who knows, we might get to do it all over a second time should Mykonos perform there again!

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8 thoughts on “Rock Oz”

  1. What a fab memory! I love it! Your pictures always make me laugh…perfect, headless fun! 😉

    Thanks for linking up to Flashback Friday again! Have a great weekend.

    😉 Karin xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, almost tempted to say that I cut heads off just to make you laugh! 😉 It is a pleasure to link up, have a great weekend too. xx

  2. Sounds brilliant and I can so understand the pride in seeing Mykonos perform, I shall keep an eye out for him.
    Lucky you with VIP passes and champagne nights 🙂

    1. Thanks, will let you know when Mykonos releases his second album! As for the VIP treatment, it was one of the perks working for a jewellery/watch-making company, now these days are gone but I would not trade my current life for anything! 😉

    1. Yes, it was one fabulous night! 🙂 As said the VIP days are gone – unless we pay for it now like when we went to see The Scorpions in Berlin! – but who knows, this might change again one day…

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