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You are a UK or US expat now living in a faraway land and you miss watching your favourite TV shows? Or you would love not having to wait for series to be translated and aired in the country where you live? Or then again you are just curious about what is being shown elsewhere? Then UnoTelly is for you.

UnoTelly product is called UnoDNS. As its name gives away, it is a DNS-based system allowing you to watch these channels you miss or are interested in. The service offers three options:

Fourteen channels for the Basic plan, a further thirty-three for the Premium version, and finally twenty-five more for the Gold option. Seventy-two channels in total, for a very reasonable price. No long term contract either, you pay as you go and can cancel at any time. Furthermore, you can try the full service for eight days for free.

It is incredibly easy to install, I did it on my Mac and had no trouble whatsoever. No complicated manual, just four steps:

  • Log into your account
  • Go to setup and follow the instructions
  • Once completed, check if the service is active.
  • Then just click on your chosen channel and that is it!

Once UnoDNS is setup on your PC or your Mac, you can add other devices, namely your TV, smartphone or tablet. This I did not do, but I expect it is as simple as with a computer.

UnoDNS also uses TripleSafe, protecting you from spam as well as your privacy. I experienced no interruption of service and was impressed with the speed at all times.

It has been lovely to catch up on UK shows and to discover new ones. I can recommend UnoDNS, and I have five 25% off coupons to give away, my dear readers. The coupon name and instructions are as follows:

[ FunkyWellies]

Coupon Instructions:
1. The coupon can be used five times.
2. The coupon can be applied to all UnoDNS products.
3. The coupon can be redeemed during checkout to get 25% off.



Disclosure: I received access to a free review account including all available channels in return for writing this review.



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