What is your opinion on that red jacket Jon Bon Jovi is wearing?


This photo was taken almost two years ago when Sexy Hubby and I went to see the band during their “Circle” tour. We had an absolute blast.

I may have mixed feelings about their newly released album What About Now, but I know for a fact that on stage they always deliver a fantastic show. And that is why the tickets for their June concert in Cologne have already been bought.

Cannot wait.



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19 thoughts on “Red – Stage Outfit”

    1. We were in the Gold Circle so yes, pretty close. In June we will be in the Diamond Circle so right at the front. Will definitely take my “proper” camera with me!

    1. Not many men can pull off a bright red jacket >> I only know of one other man who could pull it off! 😉
      Guess he must be hot, hot, hot >> Your words, not mine! 😉

    1. Golden Circle! Will be Diamond Circle in June! Had a really fab time two years ago so yes, pretty excited! 😉

    1. Thanks, if only! 😉 And I agree, was surprised at the choice of jacket when he got on stage but he totally pulled it off.

  1. That jacket is very rock and roll, so perfectly suited to the legendary JBJ! That must have been amazing to have been so close to the stage. Jealous, me.

    1. I would say that JBJ can wear anything and still look good… 😉 The concert was amazing, and I am sure the one this year will be too.

  2. Ah shame, you can’t quite see me singing in the background. Maybe in the diamond circle you’ll get a glimpse… 😉

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