The original post was published on my blog on May 3rd. I you have not read it yet, here it is: The Sanity Of The Chicken Man.

I was so traumatised by my visits to his van that it took me close to six months to consider facing him again. I did try once in October but he simply informed me that he had nothing left to sell and left it at that. If I had not known better, I would have thought he was a man of very few words.

So this morning, feeling brave again, I put my warm coat on and was seen striding across the street, a woman with a mission. I arrived in front of the van and, lo and behold, the Chicken Man had indeed still chickens to sell. I gave him a hesitant smile and asked for one of his birds. When asked if he should cut it I said: “Yes, in four pieces please” and held my breath. He did twist his mouth in disagreement but set about his task without any comments!

May I point out that he did NOT ask me which country I was coming from either? The other thing different about him today was that he was not wearing his trademark red scarf. Is this the reason for his change of attitude? Or has he been replaced by a clone? Is he cured? I am not quite sure yet, but I will investigate further.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update On The Sanity Of The Chicken Man”

  1. Incredible !!!! Is he insane ??? Like in 9 telecom adv “pov’type !” đŸ™‚

    The chicken was good at least ?

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