A quick update on Cute Doggy before the weekend! 🙂



He has now been with us for three and a half weeks and is doing absolutely great.

Cute Doggy:

1. Sleeps through the night without any “accidents” – in fact we only had one the very first night.
2. Can be left alone and does not bark or destroy anything.
3. Loves to sleep next to me in my study while I am writing.
4. Knows that where the bell rings and I open the door that means Second Daughter is coming back from school. He can be fast asleep, he still gets up and goes wait for her at the top of the stairs with a waggy tail. Second Daughter is ecstatic.
5. Loves chasing butterflies. But he is not very good at it.
6. Is VERY enthusiastic about puppy classes!


The first half an hour all the puppies are off the leash and can play together. As you can see on the photos he is having a ball. The second part is training. Some commands such as “Sit” or “Stay” he is pretty good at. “Come”, for example, depends on his mood! It is early days yet and we have only attended three classes so far but I am confident we will end up with a well-trained dog.



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    1. I can only recommend having one… Cute Doggy has brought us even closer as a family and the extra love is great. 🙂 xx

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