As we live in a part of Germany that happens to be a microclimate I decided at the end of April to buy a summer season card valid for the whole family for the open air swimming pool closest to us. It started badly as I bought this on April 30th after two weeks of gorgeous sunshine and already high temperatures, only for the weather to take a turn for the worse on May 1st… We did not use our precious pass once the whole of May!

However we have since June been avid users of the pool facilities, especially welcome since temperatures soared over 30 degrees nearly every single day in July! Second Daughter finishes school at lunchtime so most afternoons we are off and First Daughter joins us after school too. They spend all available time in the water, as for me, I do join them or swim on my own for a while, but I also love to observe the people around me…

Recently I have noticed:

  • A dead ringer for Giorgio Armani. I was playing with Second Daughter and she inadvertently copiously splashed him. I immediately apologized and he gave me a dazzling smile saying that it really did not matter. I was surprised to hear him reply in German as I had half expected him to answer in Italian!
  • A lady in her sixties with an unbelievable tan, a colour that I have seen on many 70’s photos but that you rarely encounter nowadays. She comes often with her granddaughter and as we usually end up in the same corner we now smile at each other and say hello.
  • A man that could be described as “Jesus” if the way Jesus is usually represented on paintings is anything to go by. This person was doing stretches that looked like underwater yoga and then swam only at the bottom of the pool, his long hair trailing behind him. This struck me as odd, given his looks I would have imagined walking on water to be more likely…
  • A lovely older woman, obviously a keen swimmer complete with swimming cap and massive goggles. She asked me very pleasantly whether I was doing a special kind of training since I was not using my legs and feet the usual way! This completely baffled me as I have been swimming like this ever since I learned. She then got hold of my feet to show me what she meant and asked if I wanted to try, assuring me that it would increase my speed. Turned out that I am completely incapable of swimming in a normal fashion, I was pathetically trying to do the “right” moves but having to think about it made me fail miserably. We ended up having a laugh and she said not to worry, that my swimming style is very streamlined and graceful and to just do what works for me…
  • Lots of teenage couples lying on the grass very close or kissing in the water. They look so sweet.
  • Young boys who always seem to be playing football right next to us, no matter what spot we choose. Since they are far from having the skills of a David Beckham or a Cristiano Ronaldo I always fear for our safety, and in fact Second Daughter did once got hit by the ball. As usual she was very tough and declared that all was well, but I could see her stroking her head on the quiet. At least the youngsters did say sorry and then went off to play somewhere else, but now I am having trouble concentrating on my book when they are around.
  • How popular tattoos have become. I would say that at least half of the people there have one or more. And I will be joining them next year…
  • How amazing it is that given the number of customers at any one time you so rarely see two wearing the same bikini or swimming trunks!

I have to go now as I have to… pack to go to the swimming pool! Second Daughter was very excited this morning as one of her favourite friends is joining us and we are also having a picnic there. At this age it does not take much to make them happy, does it not?

Come to think of it, I do not require much either as I actually am very enthusiastic about going and wondering who or what I will spot!

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82 thoughts on “Public Swimming Pools? Fascinating!”

    1. Thank you, and thanks also for commenting on every post, you are a lovely friend! 😮 The reply to the tattoo question already you have already had, I really liked that henna tattoo I did on Venice Beach two years ago!!

  1. the only thing i do in the pool is to lie near on the benches, and take a good look around.

    you will never know you may get the best topless pic of the century.

    haha just kiddin.

    well this post made me laugh. look how good mooded i am.

    1. Hem, well, this did happen with Second Daughter when she was two and we were on holiday in Greece. I was watching her in the paddling pool from my sun chair and thought she was having such a lovely time… A woman then came up to me to ask if I was the mother and when I confirmed this, she informed me that my daughter was playing with her poo! I did my best to clean it all up! Thanks for commenting.

    1. Thank you for your compliments! 😮 Yes, I do try and guess what other people’s lives are like when I observe them, wonder if I’m sometimes right!

  2. People watching is one of my favorite activities as well. The best place I have ever encountered for people watching is actually Disney World in Orlando, FL. It was AWESOME! Of course my three years in Germany rates a close second for me since I am American. I loved sitting outside a small cafe or pub and simply watching everyone pass by. We human come in such a wonderful and interesting variety, do we not? Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  3. Well public pools are great and good place to meet new people and friends. One thing that bothers me is it’s cleanliness.

  4. Well that sounds like you’re having lots of fun. Isn’t it entertaining just to sit and watch the people? It’s as if you don’t need TV, radio, or any other form of commercialized entertainment. Only just sitting and watching people – you can find your comedy AND drama by doing this. 😉

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  5. I’m so happy that your family is embracing the family pool. As a child, I have so many wonderful memories of going to the public pool with my family, packing coolers with lunch and drying in the hot sun.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Childhood memories are very important indeed, hope my children will remember these moments fondly when they are adults… and do the same with their kids! Have a nice summer.

    1. Really?? I studied Latin for three years at school… Have just checked your blog and left a comment. ;o) Good luck with your writing and thanks for the comment.

  6. Turns out that most people who have tattoos in Latin or Asian languages really have no idea what they say and there has bas been a large percentage of people having them removed when they are translated properly.

    1. Hem, well, on very busy and hot days, you may wonder about how clean the water really is… ;o If I want to seriously swim I go in the morning, when the pool is almost empty.

  7. I looove people watching at Public pools, it’s so much fun! And so much to watch too, so I can understand your fascination with it. I especially loved people watching in Las Vegas the last time I went there with my Mom, that was too much fun!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment, glad you enjoyed it! 😮 Just visited your blog, what beautiful cakes, awesome! The rainbow one is my favourite, I think, but hard to decide!

  8. Neat observations — I like how different the people you described are. People watching can be fun because I see such a wide variety of people out there. Cool that you have a fun pool. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and the congratulations! I went on your blog, I like your designs and cartoons, especially the “Neapolitans Musketeers”, perfect for summer! :o)

  9. Great post! I also live in Germany, and I’ve been meaning to go to one of those public swimming pools for a while already. Still, the weather here in the North usually screws us over whenever we intend to go 🙂 But I also think it’s important to choose a swimming pool in a nice neighborhood, because the ones in “doggy” parts of the city are usually overcrowded, dirty and noisy.

  10. As we are currently in New Zealand in the midst of winter, I must admit that I’m a little jealous reading this post.

    Aber wir werden auch Deustchland auch besuchen… Wir beide koennen Deutsch und moechten wieder in Munchen wohnen… naechstes Jahr.

    Does the pool get overcrowded at times or has the healthy German sense of providing the correct amount in the correct place at the correct time taken care of that issue?

    Thanks for the post… reminds me that warmer times are ahead!



    1. And I have just been on your blog and I am little jealous of all your adventures!! ;o Pools do get overcrowded here too, but usually when it is becoming impossible to do anything it is time for us to leave anyway! Thank you for your very nice comment and enjoy the adventure. PS: I am now also following you on Twitter…

  11. What a great article and some lovely sounding people you have at your local swimming pool 🙂

    I wish we had the weather in the UK for a nice looking out door swimming pool like the one you go to.

    Thanks for a great read and I hope you and your family keeps enjoying your time at the swimming pool.

    Oh yes and as for the two boys playing football close to you, why dont you just ask them if they wouldnt mind moving on a little more as you are always having to keep any eye open for their football to make sure your daughters are safe?

    1. Thank you for your compliments, glad you enjoyed the read! 😮 As for these young football players, trouble is that it is so busy they do not really have anywhere “safe” to play… They are having so much fun, that is all that matters, Second Daughter did recover pretty quickly and is more likely to join them anyway!

  12. I love swimming and going to the (public) pool, however, I have found that here in the UK a lot of the public pools are in bad repair and not very clean. Has put me off completely. You are very lucky to have such a nice place to go to.

    1. Thank you for commenting, yes, that kind of things tends to work in Germany, public facilities are usually well maintained. Have enjoyed my visit to your blog.

  13. Germany sounds like a cool place, no pun intended,with a very short summer,cheaper to use a public pool considering you only get 3 months a summer.

    1. Thank your for your compliments! 😮 I visited your blog and I also enjoyed your post very much! Funny that we wrote on the same subject! Weather is not great at the moment unfortunately, but should improve again from Friday… Enjoy the summer too!

  14. Come to California 🙂 It never rains here.. Southern California. I must admit I have never been to Germany. I do know that the places I’ve been across the atlantic always rains.. Brussels, Paris. Cloudy in Barcelona.. Talk soon.. Bye

    The california kid

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