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Thank you for visiting my PR & Advertising / Hire Me page.
I only consider collaborative/sponsored posts and product reviews if they fit in with my interests:

  • Travel
  • Fashion in all forms
  • Beauty Products & Make-up
  • Sport & Wellness
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Cinema
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Gastronomy & Cooking

I always give an honest opinion and can assure you that serious effort will be put into writing the post. Your product or service will also be featured on the relevant page.

In addition, I offer advertising on the sidebar (rates available on request) and sponsors for the blogging events I attend are always welcome!
As a freelance writer & translator , I can be hired for:

  • Magazine features (paper, online, in flight)
  • Web content
  • Other blogs
  • Corporate

Subjects: Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Wellness, Music, Art, Food, Home, Real Estate
Languages: English, French and German
You can find additional examples of my writing on the Casa in Italia website (blog posts, texts about the different regions, translations).
Please check out my LinkedIn profile for more details.
How to contact me? My Get In Touch page is waiting for you…

2 thoughts on “PR & Advertising / Hire Me

  1. Howell Jukes

    Hi Katia (and sexy husband!)

    It was great to meet you. I had no idea that you were so talented! (I have to be modest about my own talents – simply because there is a lot to be modest about!)

    We shall have to explore the possibility of promoting Hafod-y-Dafal Farm as an “Events Centre” (a sort of mini-Glastonbury!). Please bring some thoughts on this with you when you come next year.

    Greetings from Wales

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      Hi Howell,

      Thank you for your lovely comment, it was great to meet you too. 🙂
      I certainly will bring some thoughts with me next year, but I will be in touch before then.

      Greetings from Germany.


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