I love photography and have been told many times that I have an eye for details. Thanks to Sexy Hubby and part of my family, I now have the proper tool to take the plunge and learn more about this art. To finally move from the comfort zone of “full auto” to the much more exciting world of “manual” has been set as one of my challenges for 2014.

Here are the very first photos I spontaneously took in manual mode completely on my own after being given a crash course on basics and my new camera by a lovely friend. I am quite pleased with this first attempt but cannot wait to get better.

What is your opinion on these first pictures?
Photography in Manual Mode 1
Photography in Manual Mode 2

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14 thoughts on “Photography | Manual Mode”

  1. Manual mode is hard! Especially indoors/nighttime pictures! Most of my pictures taken at that time of day turn out really yellowy, but I’m getting more confident with adjusting the white balance and watching the light meter on the camera to make sure things aren’t under or over exposed.

    1. Thank you so much, Anya.
      I looked up from where I was sitting at the table and decided that the bottle arrangement was interesting.
      Took the photo, then looked behind them and thought having a go at the candles was a good idea too! 😉 xx

  2. Macro photography is such fun. You have to go manual in macro, I find. Experiment with light too. Your candle photo has very interesting shapes, which would make great shadows x.

    1. Thanks, Emma!
      I do not always use completely manual mode of course, but I already do not use full auto anymore… 😉 xx

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