If you are the photographer in the family, chances are you rarely appear in photos. Or you may be looking for a new way of gathering memories with your children and husband. Or you simply wonder what it feels like to be a model for one day. Let me share my experiences with you.

The first photo shoot I ever took part in happened when I was still living in Switzerland. My friend Sabine was launching her photography business and asked me if I would pose for her with my daughters. I jumped at the chance and over ten years later, the memories of this sunny, happiness filled day still make me smile. My second shoot was with Sabine too, a present for the man who was then Sexy Boyfriend. Needless to say, he loved it.

Not long after I moved to Germany, I met Jaytee, also a photographer. Our photo sessions have been both professional and private. On the business side, we did three Desigual “campaigns” together – and laughed a lot in the process! All theme-related photos on my blog have been taken in her fotoinitiative studio and there are more to come linked to my new projects…

On the private side, Sexy Hubby and I took part in a couple photo shoot. My jaw just dropped when I saw the pictures, we absolutely loved them. You can find a few examples in my AFFLICTION Leather Jackets | The Professional Photo Shoot post. I will also always be grateful to Jaytee to suggest a session with my Mum, First and Second Daughters. This was at the time First Daughter decided to move back to Switzerland, a very difficult period for me. The afternoon in the studio was a welcome breath of fresh air and the resulting photos still bring tears of emotion to my eyes.

Finally, I did two more “just me” shoots. The first one was again a present for Sexy Hubby and involved guitars and cowgirl boots. 😉 The second, recent one is a mix between:
1. New professional photos
2. An anniversary gift to my husband
3. Trying out the new boudoir area of Jaytee’s studio
4. Testing new backgrounds
Once again, I love them all and I must say, that brick wall makes a brilliant background.

Jaytee’s style is not to direct her customers. On the contrary, the music of your choice is on, you are relaxed and chatting. Then somehow, you just move around and Jaytee captures your expression or pose at the exact right second. The whole process is a lot of fun and the moment your pictures are being unveiled very exciting.

Fun, excitement and wonderful memories, what more can you ask for?
Portrait shoot - fotoinitiative - Jaytee Van SteanBoudoir photo session - fotoinitiative - Jaytee Van SteanBoudoir photo shoot - fotoinitiative - Jaytee Van SteanPortrait - fotoinitiative - Jaytee Van SteanBlack and white photography - fotoinitiative - Jaytee Van SteanBrick wall background - fotoinitiative - Jaytee Van Stean
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  1. Jaytee is a great photographer! The couple photo shoot was a great experience and good fun… and I DO LOVE the cowgirl & guitar pics and the ones from the anniversary present as well!!! 😀

  2. Oh oh oh… je vais le faire en français, là… nan mais tu es absolument superbe ! Le photographe est surement très bon, mais il faut que le modèle aide un peu quand même pour faire d’aussi jolie photo !

    Je suis vraiment ravie que ce soit en plus une super expérience ! J’imagine combine Sexy Hubby a dû être ravi du cadeau 😛

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