You may already know that Cute Doggy claimed the sun chair as his own during our recent French holiday. And last Sunday I posted a photo of both him and Second Daughter during the morning walk.

Second Daughter only joined us one day. The rest of the time, it was just Doggy and me. I got up around 7:00 and off we went together. I know, it sounds crazy to be up so early during the holidays but I really enjoyed it. I loved how quiet the beach was and greatly appreciated that moment just for myself.

It was Cute Doggy first experience of the beach. And a lot of fun he had! Jumping about in that funny stuff flying around him, discovering treasures hidden in the sand such as a mini light green shovel. He was so happy with it that we had to take it back to the flat with us. We also played shadow games as you can see on the photo and this he liked very much too.
Dog having fun in the sand on the beach
We often came across examples of sea life. A crab slowly making its way back into the water. Eggs that I could not identify. A dead jelly fish, which for some reason unsettled Cute Doggy: He barked at it with gusto. As for the sea itself he was not so sure… He is no fan of anything wet to start with, so when these threatening waves kept trying to reach him he retreated to safety pretty quickly. I did try to coax him into coming into the water with me and so did Second Daughter. He tentatively joined us, but did not stay long.

On the last morning he must have sensed that this was the end of our holiday… I have a picture of him with his head hanging, looking rather forlorn. I know how he felt. I did not want to leave either.


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  1. Brilliant picture Katia, he looks as though he’s saying mum have you gone mad, what are you doing making those shadows! 🙂 I think I’d have gone for those early morning strolls too, so quiet and peaceful x

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