Back in February I received an email from Don Allen, inviting me to discover “PERSONA”, a brand new series in the form of an iPhone app. I was explained that every day a new “appisode” would be available, lasting two to three minutes, unveiling the stories of some lovely and some ruthless characters living in London.

Now I am a bit of an iPhone freak and as the description of “PERSONA” had tickled my curiosity I immediately accessed the App Store to look it up. The price tag of 1,59 Euros was hardly going to make me hesitate and I downloaded it straight away.

From Day One I was hooked and often find myself watching the latest instalment early in the morning. I was a bit sceptical at first as to how involved one could get in a story when the episodes are so short but the answer is “very”. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of the characters, the attention given to the script and the various twists and turns of the plot. I can therefore only encourage you to meet Jamie, Samantha, Andy, Clare, Richard, Jane, Jim, Harriet and the others.

Season One and Two of “PERSONA” are now over and it was announced that a short break would be taken before Season Three hits our phones. All I can say is that I hope the pause will not be too long…


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5 thoughts on “PERSONA”

  1. LOL ! I don’t know if I will pay for that but I am thinking about it. Thank you for the sharing.

    But House MD did something like that last past Summer with a spin off.

  2. I think I´m losing part of the fun not having an iphone!!! Three minutes and that catching? I´m very much intrigued now!!!!

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