I took this photo yesterday as I found this candle sitting on my desk so pretty. I love candles in the first place, but this one really gave me a peaceful feeling with its warm glow.


Do you like having candles around too?

9 thoughts on “Peaceful

  1. Caroline

    Having committed not to buy any make-up/skincare products throughout the whole of 2011 (unless I actually run out of something, which is unlikely), I seem to have transferred my purchasing addiction to scented candles, and have so many of them around the house now, it’s ridiculous. Lily Flame are my favourites – their Blue Hyacinth and Daffodil & Dandelion are my current scents of choice.

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      That is quite a commitment! I love your current favourites, Blue Hyacinth and Daffodil & Dandelion, how original! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Linley

    I love Christmas for candles ! I never switch on the rest of the year but I like this occasion to have candles. Yes, the light is particular.

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      Only at Christmas?? Wow! I light candles every day… Just love them. Glad you think the light is special too.

  3. Kelloggsville

    It looks like a flower. Yes I like candles. Christmas scent candles. Cinnamon. Linen. Garden full of them on a heady night with the matress pulled out onto the patio. Bohemian. Lovely.

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      It does indeed! It seems that we have the same tastes as far as scents go… I love your bohemian garden description. *Sigh*

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