I took this photo yesterday as I found this candle sitting on my desk so pretty. I love candles in the first place, but this one really gave me a peaceful feeling with its warm glow.


Do you like having candles around too?

9 thoughts on “Peaceful”

  1. Having committed not to buy any make-up/skincare products throughout the whole of 2011 (unless I actually run out of something, which is unlikely), I seem to have transferred my purchasing addiction to scented candles, and have so many of them around the house now, it’s ridiculous. Lily Flame are my favourites – their Blue Hyacinth and Daffodil & Dandelion are my current scents of choice.

    1. That is quite a commitment! I love your current favourites, Blue Hyacinth and Daffodil & Dandelion, how original! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love Christmas for candles ! I never switch on the rest of the year but I like this occasion to have candles. Yes, the light is particular.

    1. Only at Christmas?? Wow! I light candles every day… Just love them. Glad you think the light is special too.

  3. It looks like a flower. Yes I like candles. Christmas scent candles. Cinnamon. Linen. Garden full of them on a heady night with the matress pulled out onto the patio. Bohemian. Lovely.

    1. It does indeed! It seems that we have the same tastes as far as scents go… I love your bohemian garden description. *Sigh*

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