A few years ago, one of my school friends used to live in London, in a triplex overlooking the City, no less. Do I have to point out that he was incredibly popular and visitors were a regular occurrence? For the record, now that he is back in Switzerland I still go and visit him, as friendship is much more that a jaw-dropping flat in a great location, would you not say?

Anyway, yours truly and other friends stayed with him a few times and every long weekend spent there meant that I came back with muscles aching from all the laughs and severely sleep deprived…

There was the time when Triplex Friend decided to throw a party – in our honour, perhaps? – which meant that the boys got on with the preparations while us girls enjoyed afternoon tea in a posh hotel. We were however sent on God knows how many trips to Marks & Spencer as said boys kept forgetting stuff they needed. The party was a success, though.

Every single time we would start texting and ringing Triplex Friend from the airport in Switzerland to remind him to put champagne in the fridge. As soon as we landed in London we would ring him again to check that the bottles were indeed in the fridge, ready for our arrival. I have to say that Triplex Friend had the patience of a saint with our antics.

One time we also got a bit lost as we came out of the train station. Mykonos Friend – see my “Rock Oz” post – was so funny I almost peed myself. We made it to our destination in the end, where a wonderful meal and yes, champagne, were waiting for us.

We went to exhibitions, sightseeing, shopping, enjoyed cocktails at the Oxo Tower bar, afternoon tea at Brown’s hotel and fabulous Indian meals.

There was a also a lot of dancing and singing in the flat, and all night talking… Some wonderful memories were formed, and to be honest, we keep pushing Triplex Friend to move back to London to make some more!



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  1. I just got back from a trip there the sun was shining the pubs and streets were full of happy laughing people and sitting drinking G&T’s by the serpantine reminded me of great days and nights in the city.

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