Cute Doggy has been a part of our family for four months now. We all very much enjoy being welcomed by a “helicopter tail” as soon as we open the door. When we are just the two of us and I leave the room, he waits a little while to see if I am coming back. Should that not be the case, he then follows and plops himself down in whatever other room I happen to be in.

He loves Sexy Hubby and I but with the girls it goes further. With Second Daughter especially, of course, as she is with him most of the time. Let’s just say that she has been placed on an entirely different level!

He is thriving, making progresses every day and he is only very rarely naughty… We feel blessed to have him in our lives.

Cute Doggy now obviously sees himself as part of our “pack”. And we could not be more delighted.


PS: I do cuddle with him too but no one ever takes a picture!


Cuddle Time For Sexy Hubby And Cute Doggy Cuddle Time For Second Daughter And Cute Doggy Cute Doggy Loves My Meditation Corner Cute Doggy And One Of His Bones


12 thoughts on “Part Of The Pack”

    1. Thank you, Emma! It is lovely to have him around. How sweet your sister got a puppy too! xx

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  2. He looks so cute! I so miss having a dog. We had dogs while I was growing up, but I haven’t had one in years. Looking at theses photos really made me wish for one again 🙂

    1. Thank you, he is very cute indeed… I do hope you will be able to get one again too. 🙂

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