One of the presents I received last Christmas was a P. Jentschura Energy Brush. I was a bit puzzled at first as I did not know their products at all, but I have since become a huge fan.

These high quality brushes have been made in Germany for over 165 years, with a product range covering dry and wet brushing, for face and body. All brushes have a beech wood or plywood base, protected against water damage by a process giving it a wax coating. The bristles used are all natural, coarser for the body range and softer for the face options.

My energy brush is a mix of bronze (copper and zinc alloy) bristles in the middle and natural horsehair on the border. It came with a short instruction leaflet including drawings showing the stroke direction for each part of the body.

Here is how it works:
“Due to the molecular structure of the fine bronze bristles, the ions which are important for our material and energetic well-being are generated directly on the skin, which makes them immediately available to the organism and the metabolism.
The central atom of the human body is oxygen, which makes up more than 80 percent of our organism. Our true elixir of life consists of the energetically charged oxygen ions, which we take in from the air we breathe, the water we drink or in an especially concentrated form from hydrogen peroxide. This substance is also contained in the seacoast, waterfalls, rain and snow. We can produce these important negatively charged oxygen ions mechanically by air friction whilst using a special alloy for brushing our skin.”

Now I have to admit that I do not know whether this is true or not. But I have been using the brush every day for almost two months now, and I have noticed a difference. It does give me a definite burst of energy, it helps with the skin circulation and my skin is definitely softer as the brushing acts as a gentle cleanser.

I would definitely recommend using it.

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