This post is rather overdue and was planned for last week. Unfortunately, on January 1st, a weird stomach virus that lasted four days struck me down. Nausea, pains in muscles and joints, feeling really cold… Not nice. On the plus side, as I hardly ate anything the whole time, the two kilos I had put on over the last ten days were gone just like that… 😉

I am now fully recovered and ready to tell you about our Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Well, it started before Christmas Eve, in fact, since good friends of ours got married on December 22nd and held the party for it on the 23rd! We had a fantastic time, full of laughter, happiness, good food and wine, with a lot of love flowing around… Just delightful!

Needless to say, on the 24th, we were a bit tired… As the girls were spending Christmas with their Dad, we decided in the end not to drive to either side of the family but simply to stay home, and enjoy spending “us” time. On Christmas Eve we opened our presents – as you do in Germany and Switzerland – as well as a bottle of my favourite champagne, and prepared simple but succulent hors-d’oeuvres. Christmas Day was equally relaxed and cosy. We then enjoyed a couple of days more alone, going on walks, having breakfast at our favourite café and spending a heavenly afternoon at the hammam. Should you be curious, my “An Oriental Moment” post will tell you all about it. Only this time, we had the oil massage too!




My daughters then came back on the 28th with my sister. Amongst other activities, we visited family, went on a “ghost tour” in a castle and visited a Rankin exhibition, which was really impressive, even if not all photos were to my taste.

Friends had invited us on New Year’s Eve, and we spent a very enjoyable evening eating raclette and chatting. There were many kids there and all the adults had bought fireworks, so we ended up standing outside for an hour, drinking Sekt and admiring the sparkling colours. The perfect way to end one year and start the next!





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6 thoughts on “Our Festive Season”

  1. Oh yuk, horrid tummy bug! No sign of you on Twitter or on your blog so I thought you had just partied too hard 🙂

    What a lovely festive time you had. Hope 2013 brings lots of good things your way x.

    1. Well, this I probably did too! 😉 Thank you for your good wishes, and I hope that 2013 will be a good year for you too, with a new companion for Brin. xx

    1. Thank you, I really fancied a change and I am pretty chuffed with the result! 🙂
      Champagne flutes: the brand is Ritzenhoff, they have fab stuff! xx

    1. I agree! Glad it is behind me, and hoping that was it for this winter! Glad too that the ten days before that were wonderful! xx

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