This is a service we recently signed up for and we are big fans. Every Wednesday, an organic box filled with fresh vegetables, onions, eggs and a loaf of bread is being delivered to our door. All contents have been cultivated or made in our region.

What do we get? It is a surprise, although you can let the shop now if food allergies or personal preferences mean that some veggies have to be left out. I love the fact that you have to get creative and compose your meals with what you find in the box. For example, a whole celeriac was once part of the delivery. I had always bought part of one before, to add to a soup. I started flicking through some cookbooks and decided to try an Ottolenghi recipe called “Celeriac and Lentils with Hazelnuts and Mint“. The salad was a huge success. With the other half I prepared a puree, served with grilled salmon and carrots. Very nice too.

As for the bread, you can either pick which one you want or opt for a rotation of the (many) sorts available. We chose the second option to discover new flavours and the bread keeps significantly longer than shop-bought.

Going on holiday is not a problem, a quick email and there will be no box waiting for you. When I am not home, we have an agreement about a dropping off place out of the rain, sun, etc. Should you wish for specific vegetables, not need some products one week or want to add something from the online shop, again an email will do the trick.

Supporting local farms and businesses as well as cooking with very fresh, seasonal vegetables? A winning combination, if you ask me.

Weekly Organic Box delivered to your doorOrganic Box with vegetables, onions, eggs and bread

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  1. We have tried this, with a few different suppliers. The first few weeks are great, then quality starts to go down. Week after week, hard oranges, green potatoes, and yet more turnips! I gave up and for the last four years have been growing my own veg. Let us know how you get on x.

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