In keeping with my current Carnival theme – see my last Silent Sunday photo and a dedicated blog post is coming up too – I give you today the word “Damsel”.

Sexy Hubby, some friends and I went to a Carnival party last Saturday which theme was: “Farmers, Bards and Damsels”… Right. As you can imagine, my wardrobe is over-flowing with Middle Ages clothes totally suitable for such an event! On top of it I had had my heart set on my lovely devil outfit before finding out this year’s idea so I was not very enthusiastic.

Sexy Hubby somehow managed to convince me that it would be more fun to keep to the theme and after looking in a few shops, finding only horrible all polyester and expensive options, we resorted to taking a risk and ordering on-line. We found a decent website with reasonably priced items and bingo, here were our “market girl” and “thief” costumes!

Now please stop by at my stall and buy my shiny apples and freshly baked bread!

14 thoughts on “One Word | Damsel”

  1. Apples? I’m thinking cockles and mussels alive alive oh! Actually, what i can see of you looks amazing! What a great costume!

  2. they look really good to me. I used to live in Italy close to the Austrian border and they have many dresses that look very similar. the waitresses wear them and they cost a fortune.
    Have great fun!

    1. Thanks, fortunately mine did not cost much! I hesitated between this one and a “Heidi” one – being Swiss! – but this market girl was more in keep with the theme…

    1. Thanks. I know that you like to dress up too so thought you might enjoy that post… 😉

    1. Thank you, dear friend! You looked absolutely gorgeous yourself that night, hope to see more of that wonderful top you were wearing! 🙂

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