Welcome back to One Community, an international photo blogging project, with the March edition.

The words given to us are: Shower, Calm, Green and Friendship. Fancy joining in? Simply post one or more photos for each of the theme and link up your blog post here. One Community opens on March 5th and lasts five days.
Shower - Outdoor shower in the Maldives

This photo was taken on
a holiday in the Maldives.
I would love an outdoor shower,
but I am not sure how much
use it would be in Germany!


Calm - Walking in the park

My absolute favourite park.
Where I go when I need to think.
My escape from modern life.
And endless photographic opportunities!


Green - Froggy in the garden

It does not get greener than this…
Does it?


Friendship - Table set for dinner

A set table, looking festive,
with candles and pretty napkins.
Waiting for friends to arrive and
share moments of happiness.


12 thoughts on “One Community |
March 2014

  1. I would love an outdoor shower too! But no, it wouldn’t be so practical in these colder climates. Brrr…..how calm is that water scene! Cute green frog..and I don’t remember the last time I had a dinner party :).

  2. The word prompts this month really did make me stop and think, especially calm. We all have special places that we got to. ‘Your’ park is a stunning place. Love your green froggie chap 🙂

    1. Me too… Having my “own space” is very important to me, I usually find it during my early morning time for myself and in this park.
      Froggie was one of the very first photos taken with my new camera during the workshop my friend gave me. 😉 xx

    1. I know, that shower was incredible… *sigh too*
      And you are welcome for dinner any time! 🙂 xx

  3. Great photos! Thanks for joining us again this month. Sorry I’ve been late in getting over here to comment. Your calm picture is wonderful! I’d love to see that building/bell tower in the distance a little closer up. And wow… the Maldives. Someday I’ll take a trip to someplace tropical like that! I don’t think an outdoor shower would be too practical in Missouri, either. =)

    1. Thank you, Sarah, always a pleasure to join and no apologies necessary. 🙂
      I am sure I will post more photo of the park and will make sure to take one of that building just for you. xx

    1. Glad my post brought back lovely memories! This was not my honeymoon, but a fabulous holiday all the same… xx

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