The time for the February 2014 edition of One Community, an international photo blogging project, has come.

The words for February are: Style, Heirloom, Heartbeat and Warmth. If you want to join in, just post one or more photos for each of the theme and add your blogpost here. The linky opens on February 5th and remains so for five days.


Runway - Stage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin - January 2014
In January I attended the Mercedes-Benz
Fashion Week in Berlin for the first time.
Style was all around!
If you are interested, my Fashion Week posts are here.

Family ring - Heirloom

This ring belonged to my Italian Grandmother.
It used to be her mother’s wedding ring and
she had this aquamarine stone added to it.
Its pecuniary value is not very high but the
sentimental one certainly is.

Heart Shaped Cupcakes - Mother's Day

These were the heart shaped cupcakes
my daughter baked for Mother’s Day
(you can see the final result here).
Every time my children do something lovely for me
my heart beats that little bit faster.

Logfire picture - MotelOne Hotel

This is the image that greeted me on TV
when I stayed in a MotelOne recently.
Did it add warmth to the room?
Funnily enough, it did!


22 thoughts on “One Community |
February 2014

    1. It is a gorgeous ring. As I said, it does not have much value from a money point of you but is very rich in memories… xx

  1. Fashion in Berlin? How exciting! Your grandmother’s ring is stunning. I love that stone color. Glad you joined us again this month for One Community. 🙂

    1. The Fashion Week in Berlin really was exciting, had a great time. 🙂
      Thank you, this ring holds a special place in my heart…
      As for One Community, I love this project and plan on joining every month! 🙂 xx

  2. Awwww … how sweet that your daughter baked you cookies. My son and I do a lot of baking together but he’s only 7 so nothing on his own. Yet. I think he’ll be quite the cook/baker when he’s older!

    1. How lovely! 🙂 I enjoy baking with my daughters too but for “special events” they both like to do it alone and surprise us. xx

    1. What a shame, I hope you will be able to join next month.
      And thank you, happy you enjoyed the post. 🙂 xx

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