I was about to publish my post for The Gallery this morning when I found out that it was taking some extra time off. As I am travelling myself and will be on my way to my next destination soon I do not have much time to come up with an alternative. I have therefore decided to post the photo I took on Monday night, having dinner by the lake with my Mum and my brother. I love this view, and this lake is special to me. It holds a lot of happy memories, such as boat rides, picnics on an island or swimming. There was also a very scary moment when the whole family was going back to the chalet in that small fishing boat and we got caught in a storm. I was only about ten or twelve at the time but I still remember it very vividly. Luckily we made it home safely.

The part of the lake you see on this photo is also where we scattered some of my Dad’s ashes. He loved this lake and there was no question that choosing it as his resting place was the right thing to do.