Not quite. This image was taken in an ancient, disused abbey. I could have posted my entire series of photos, but felt that picking just the one was more powerful. As you step into the old church, the feeling of peace is wonderful. The building is now open to the sky, having lost its roof a long time ago. You can spot the surrounding vineyards through the windowless apertures. And I thought the metal, convoluted candleholders were simply wonderful.


After a contemplating pause, it is almost a shock to go back to the bustling, adjoining café and boutique. For a moment, civilisation had been totally forgotten.




You will find more old stories here: Sticky Fingers.



18 thoughts on “Old – A Forgotten Place?”

    1. I love them too, and cannot help coming up with stories about what might have happened there… xx

    1. Thanks for sharing that lovely memory! I have seen Juliet’s balcony too and felt pretty much the same…

  1. Beautiful picture. I love the decay of old buildings.

    If you want to post your other pictures I host a link up for cemetery (including churches etc) photography every Sunday on my other blog Beneath Thy Feet.

    1. There is something poignant about them, isn’t there?
      Thanks for telling me about your other blog, will join in with the whole series!

  2. Beautiful picture. I really love that about old buildings or places. You can step into them and it feels like you are a million miles away from the every day!

  3. I love your photo, there is something wonderfully magical about an old forgotten place. I visited a “forgotten” town in the UK over the summer …I must post those photos actually, thank you for the reminder!

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