Two months ago I replaced my iPhone 4 with an iPhone 4S. I know, I know, the 5 model was out already. But I specifically wanted a 4S because in the S versions Apple fixes the bugs found in the previous release, right?

Everything worked seamlessly until a few days ago. My phone rang, I answered… and I heard nothing. Rather a major flaw in a phone. I hung up and rang the number back. Nothing. Then the person rang me on my landline. She said that she could hear me fine but that obviously I could not hear her? Exactly. After our conversation ended I looked at several forums and realised I was far from the only one with that problem. There was a few recommended “tricks” and I tried them all: Switch the phone off and back on again, plug and unplug the earphones, do a restore – which is a pain, I had other things to do. Nothing. I kept fiddling with it and found out that I could use the speaker mode and that still worked. Great. Gives you a lot of privacy.


Off I went to my local telecom shop. The nice guy told me: “Not a problem, you leave it here, we send it for repair and it will be sent back to you.” Pause. I was waiting for him to carry on, but that was it. So I said: “First of all, I do not want my phone repaired. I want a new one. It went wrong after TWO MONTHS. Obviously there is a quality issue.” He shook his head: “I am sorry, but repair is the policy.” Next question: “And how long is this going to take?” Answer: “About two weeks”. I barely dared ask: “And you are going to lend me a phone during that time, right?” Another pause. Then: “No, I am sorry, Apple does not do that and we as partners cannot buy and keep phones for such cases.”

Appalling comes to mind. I am very disappointed in Apple for providing such poor customer service. I will now have to drive over an hour to the nearest Apple Store to get my phone exchanged. Again, I have other things to do. Yes, I could go for another brand. And spend HOURS syncing, transferring and getting everything to work. I am far too busy to do this right now, so I will not. And Apple knows it.





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  1. Apple: “Nous c’est la Pomme. Vous c’est les Poires” 🙂
    Although ALL smartphone brands are useless when it comes to Customer Service and not taking people for idiots with poor quality products, knowing very well we will keep using them no matter what.

    1. OK, you made me smile. 😉
      At least if I had a Blackberry, a Samsung or a Sony Ericsson they would have lent me a phone… Apparently Apple is the only one who does not do this. xx

  2. That’s really, really bad customer service – you should have been given a new phone immediately given that it was still so new – and then you had to sort it all out in the end, after all, who wants to wait two weeks to have their phone repaired!

  3. I am not an Apple fan, but it might make you feel slightly better to know that this happened to me with my Galaxy S2 as well… When it went wrong, Vodafone DE would only send it off to be repaired, leaving me with nothing… I don’t think they are quite at the customer service levels I am used to in the UK… 😀 The phone came back eventually though after many phone calls (from my landline!!)!

    1. I am appalled too, although Switzerland is not really better… We were told only Apple does not give a replacement while your phone is being repaired but obviously not then?

  4. I have a Samsung and to be honest it’s a pile of poo! I hate it, it freezes, it crashes and generally just hacks me off! That is very bad of Apple though, especially in this day and age when most of us use our phones continuously, you shouldn’t have no phone for 2 weeks.

    1. I think there is not one brand better than the other… It is very poor to treat your customers like that, huge market share or not.

    1. That is what I have heard. As I said I went for a 4S hoping for a “bug free” phone… No luck.

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