Last weekend, we went back to Cologne, this time with First and Second Daughters. We visited the chocolate museum again, and came out with quite a treasure, including one custom-made bar each (Second Daughter went for white chocolate with hundreds and thousands, gummy bears, mini-chamallows and caramel bits. Yes, seriously). We all enjoyed our time there, even though it was quite hot and a lot more crowded than when Sexy Hubby and I went alone, and we badly needed a cool drink to recover from our visit.


After our little break, we headed off to… Noah’s Ark. Sexy Hubby and I had already been intrigued by it on our Cologne weekend, and had vowed to go in. And we are really glad we did.



The ark was the dream of a Netherlands citizen, Johan Huibers. Building the vessel took 16 months until it was ready for opening in April 2007. Its measurements are 70 meters long, 9,5 meters wide and 13 meters high. It does not have an engine and must therefore be towed. It was at first shown in its bare form in a lot of ports in Holland, before being bought in October 2010 by Aad Peters.


Aad transformed the arch into a floating biblical discovery park with the help of 50 workers and artists from all over the world. His theatre and television production background helped turned his vision into reality. It took half a year to complete the project and finally, the arch was ready to be shown across Europe.


Once inside, the experience is awesome. The wooden figures are wonderful and a lot of care went into the details. Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah (of course), Abraham, Moses, Samson, David and Goliath, King Solomon, all the most famous bible stories are there, coming to life in front of you. Some of the stories have an interactive part – try to knock down Goliath or see how your strength compares to Samson’s, for example – a quiz is provided for the children and there is also a restaurant. Oh, and the arch itself is really unbelievable. Sexy Hubby and I came to the conclusion that it could be turned into a fantastic, unusual home!

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    1. Yes, totally odd and quirky! We were fascinated. Hope you have a chance to visit it one day, being a travelling exhibition. xx

  1. Well, can we book a seat on the ark for 21/12/2012 since apparently it’s going to be Doomsday??

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