No, no fifth extract today of Foundation, the opening book of The Crossing Lives Trilogy… Now that all the main characters have been introduced, it is getting difficult to post new excerpts without giving whole chapters away. I know that the probability of someone stealing what I have written is quite remote but I do not want to take the risk all the same.

I have loved interacting with all of you who have taken the time to read my posts and to give me an opinion. I am of course delighted that so many of you were drawn into my story and I do dearly hope that a literary agent and a publishing house will share your enthusiasm!

And this is exactly where I am now: Seeking representation. The process has begun, and if you could keep your fingers crossed for me I would be very grateful. 🙂

There will not be much blogging next week. For a start Sexy Hubby and I are going away for a long weekend; we are very much looking forward to some “couple time” and relaxation, as life has been pretty busy recently. On our return, Second Daughter will still be away on holiday for a few more days and I want to keep my head down. To do as much work as I can on editing my manuscript. Perhaps even complete it, which would be brilliant.

Once again, thank you for your support, it means a lot to me!

10 thoughts on “Next Steps”

  1. Your adventure is just beginning. I’m afraid I don’t have any publishing contacts, but will of course keep eyes and ears open at all times. Have a super weekend away x.

    1. Thank you, Leslie. And what an exciting adventure it is… 😉 You have a fantastic weekend too. xx

  2. Have a fabulous weekend. Best of luck in taking this to the next stage. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way xx

  3. Have a wonderful weekend! And I am totally with you regarding releasing excerpts, I am rather reluctant too, and I don’t want anyone nicking my ideas etc….. but a few short paragraphs I think is okay – they are taken out of context and don’t give the story away!

    1. Thank you, looking forward to some time alone with Sexy Hubby.
      I agree, a few paragraphs is OK, it gives you an idea of the story without giving too much away but now it would become complicated… xx

  4. All the best with the future of your book. I have really enjoyed your extracts and I will be one of your customers when it makes it to book stage x

    1. Thank you, Emma! Will certainly let you know when the book gets published… 😉 xx

  5. Good Luck. Merde. Je te tiens les pouces (c’est ça, l’expression suisse ? ) et… tiens-nous au courant !

    Congratulation for your courage et your perseverance. And thanks God for your talent ! 😉

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