This is the brand new sign that is now hanging on the door of my study:

NewOpenAndClosed_1 NewOpenAndClosed_2

I was looking for a double-sided slate when Sexy Hubby pointed out this shop sign to me. I immediately bought it. I am sure you can guess why I needed one. Since I am writing at home, I am “there”, and therefore available at all times, right? Except that regular interruptions broke my concentration, sometimes I lost the fabulous sentence I had just composed in my mind and in the end I got quite crossed with my work not being respected.

Hence the sign. So simple, but it works beautifully. So much so that Sexy Hubby became envious of it. And since I am such a nice wife, I bought the same door accessory for him. Now we are both left undisturbed while writing or making music.




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26 thoughts on “New – Open And Closed”

    1. My study doubles as a guest room, but I really enjoy having one most of the time! Congratulations on the new baba’s arrival! 🙂

    1. LOL! It would certainly pass on the message! Was really pleased Sexy Hubby realised the sign was for sale, I had assumed it belonged to the shop!

  1. very nice idea! i don’t have a study but i do work at home. if i had a study i would get myself such a sign, too… but how should such a sign work, if you have kids in preschool age not able to read? 😉

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