It started with the dreaded “beep, beep, beep” on booting up my computer. Not every time, but enough to let me know that there was a serious problem. Then came the “black screens”, randomly at first, then more and more frequent. All this on top of the slowness, despite removing my 50’000 odd photos, tidying up, updating, upgrading, etc. Finally, after 8 years, my faithful iMac gave up. Not at the most convenient time, of course. It never is. I was still waiting to hear back for the freelance opportunity I mentioned in my It has been a long time post and I could have done without spending the money.

However, it had to happen and after much head scratching and comparing, I went for a Mac Mini and an ASUS screen. I am very happy with this combination and would like to thank Sexy Hubby for setting it all up for me!

Meanwhile, things went ahead with the freelance contract and the work will start in March. I am really looking forward to this and enjoyed the good news. Especially after wasting my time by replying to an ad posted by a company selling luxury gifts looking for a blogger to write posts. After an email exchange mainly asking for my ideas, I was offered an unspecified trial period with compensated posts in the future. Needless to say, that went no further.

No more news so far on the book front after a string of rejections in January. Patience is the key. After the slight delay caused by the Mac story, I have finally booked some time this week to start with my second novel. Quite excited about it.

What are your latest news?
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5 thoughts on “New Job | New Mac | New Book”

  1. Rip your old Mac and hello new Mac!! It’s almost a sad day when our trusted PCs die away. Huge congrats on your freelance contract though, it sounds like exciting times are ahead. Xx

  2. I’ve also got a new computer! Our old laptop was very slow and the keyboard didn’t work after I spilled orange juice all over it some years ago. I hated having an extra keyboard plugged in too far from the screen.
    This week I am trying to get my head around our new all-in-one HP Pavilion – looks lovely but lots to learn about Windows 10, new photo editing apps etc.

    Great news about the freelance writing. Keeping everything crossed for book success x

  3. Merci, dear, les photos sont as usually superbes et les textes… pas tristes
    Ravie Pr la venue de ton nouvel ordi, c’est toujours dur de se séparer d’un bon partenaire de travail!!!
    Bonne continuation, le bonjour à tous chez toi, à bientôt!

  4. Same story here : very old Mac in end of life and my birthday is coming… hoping a good surprise soon 😉

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