This is my last post in the “UK trip with Second Daughter” series. After enjoying a walk by the sea and the beach huts in Bournemouth, celebrating Samhain In The Chalice Gardens and falling in love with Bewitching Glastonbury, the last stop of our journey was Stonehenge. We had already gone there on our way to Glastonbury, only to realise as we arrived at 15:30 that the site was closing at 16:00 that day. Rather than rushing our visit, we made another stop on our way back.

And it was totally the right decision, as it takes a good hour if you want to immerse yourself in all the legends and the energy surrounding this impressive stone circle. Second Daughter and I knew a lot about Stonehenge facts already, but still decided to take the audio tour. It was very interesting and Second Daughter was fascinated, even pressing on buttons to get extra info when available.

This imposing construction evolved between 3’000 and 1’600 BC, and I find it amazing that a good part of it is still standing today. The monument consists in an outer circle of Sarsen stones with an inner composition of bluestones coming from Wales. Not exactly next door, as Stonehenge lies in Wiltshire. Aligned precisely with the midsummer sunrise and the midwinter sunset, many theories have been mentioned through the centuries as to the purpose of Stonehenge: An astral calendar, a place of worship and perhaps sacrifices, or even a landing area for UFOs…



Although I totally understand why access to the massive stones is now barred, I regretted not being able to stand in the middle of the circle or lean against one of the stones. I also found it a shame to see some people walking around this ancient sacred site as if they were in a shopping centre, only interested in getting everybody aligned in front of the camera and talking loudly.

We did not let them spoil our visit, though. We took our time, slowly going around and taking in all the angles and details. Second Daughter was silent for a long time in the car after we left, obviously still in her own magical world.

This second stop meant that we did not have time to go to the Avebury site. No doubt we will be seen in that part of the country again, then…



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12 thoughts on “Mythical Stonehenge”

  1. Stonehenge. Only Disney could spoil it any more. Main road, crowds of sheep led tourists, too much money and no access. *sigh*. Im so pleased how spoilt it is didn’t touch your daughter and she still got the feeling. It’s a special place no matter how hard they try to ruin it. Have you seen this post help you plan a trip to Avebury.

    1. I agree, I wish I had been able to see it “before”. Eradicating the surroundings by concentrating on the stone circle only required a bit of effort, but I think both my daughter and I managed it. Yes, I read Emma’s post about Avebury, in fact I have been there myself years and years ago, and I am determined to go back with Second Daughter.

  2. I am glad you still enjoyed your visit to Stonehenge, it’s a very special place… Yes, you must get to Avebury next time too, I am sure you will love it! 🙂

    1. We certainly did, even though I wished I was famous and could have had the site closed for us to enjoy our visit alone! 😉 I have already been to Avebury and did love it, but it was at least 15 years ago, so I am overdue for another visit… 🙂 It was a shame we did not manage both places.

    1. Thank you, I was very impressed and I am glad my photos show the grandness of Stonehenge. A very powerful place, definitely, and very much still with me now. xx

  3. When we visited Sweden’s version of Stonehenge visitors were allowed to loll about on the stones which was great but it meant we couldn’t get decent photos because there was always someone in the shot.

    1. You really should go, it is amazing. And… you are welcome, glad you enjoyed the “virtual” trip. 😉

  4. You got some awesome shots! I visited the site some years ago when hubby and I were courting. I felt the same away about not being able to get close. It was a magical weekend for us as it was during that trip we knew we’d found ‘ The One’ in each other. We stayed in cottage in Avebury, and that was an amazing experience to be surrounded by all those stones and the history. There are so many historical treasures and sites in this country, its a blessing to be able to see them and share experience and the knowledge with our children. I’d certainly like to visit again. Now that I’m a parent

    1. Thank you for the compliment, and for sharing your story! 🙂 I can totally picture why your weekend was so magical… 🙂

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