Or rather the lack of them!

When I was at school, we had a “needle work” class. Guess who usually picked the smallest and easiest task? Yep, me. On the odd occasion I decided to be more ambitious, it turned out to be a disaster.

I still remember a hideous grey sleeveless jumper I badly knitted. The worst about it is that I actually wore it. To this day, I keep asking my Mum: “Why on earth did you let me put this on”?

Another time I decided to sew a pair of baby’s dungarees. How I ended up with one strap twice as large as the other, I still cannot figure out. But that was nothing compared to forgetting to fold the fabric before putting the press studs on so that they could be closed properly. I just put the two sides on top of each other…

More recently, Second Daughter asked if she could have curtains to make a little reading/sleeping corner she created for herself private. “Sure”, I said. I then remembered that we still had the curtains that were hanging in her bedroom in Switzerland. I showed them to her and the decision was made. Only they were far too long. I folded them using pins and voilà, they were the perfect length. I thought to myself: How difficult can it be to sew them together? Well, after the third failed attempt, I got my hot glue gun out. That did the job.

So imagine my despair when Second Daughter walked up to me with a half decapitated toy rabbit she loves. “Mummy, can you please repair this for me?”, she begged. With pleading eyes. I swallowed uneasily and answered: “Of course, my darling”. And do you know what? It worked! Rabbit is like brand new, and I have the photo to prove it:


Do you think there is hope for me after all?

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