I was recently approached by Zooppa to take part in the Samsung Global Blogger contest they were running. The price was a paid trip to London to report on the Olympic Games this summer, as well as possible cash prices. London is one of my favourite cities and I have never been to the Olympics so this sounded to me like an opportunity to grab.

I thought about what I wanted to say, then sat down one afternoon and made several cuts of my video. I also found out that when you only have thirty seconds at your disposal, you have to talk pretty fast! After a couple of hours, I was finally satisfied with the result. I logged onto the Zooppa website to upload the video and thought it might be a good idea to read the terms and conditions. And this is when I found out that I was not available on the required dates for the contest (yes, I had checked the exact dates of the Games first, but Samsung required an extra days before and after, and this is when it all went wrong).

I still uploaded the video on my Zooppa profile to have a first video to show, and then I thought that I would also share it with my readers. So here is it, my first Vlog:

Fancy telling me what your thoughts are?

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8 thoughts on “My First Vlog”

    1. Yep, I knew it, but it is nice to read it too! 🙂 Thanks for your support, lovely hubby! xx

  1. I can’t open it???? I click on it without seeing a ‘play’ button come up and it starts downloading a file to my machine and opens an empty browser ? Help!

    1. I have found what the problem is, but not sure how to fix it yet. For the moment, it will only play in Firefox and IE.
      You can however watch it here.

    1. Thanks! It dit take me a little while… 😉 Perhaps I should consider a new career in the cinema? LOL!

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