This is my backyard:

All right, not quite. But this is very close to my home, and the place where I love to go running, walking, thinking and replenishing my energy levels. Without a doubt one of my favourite places in the whole world.

I do not have a backyard anymore. In Switzerland I had a house and therefore a garden. It was lovely, with a lawn, small trees, some vegetables and fruit growing, lots of flowers, a gorgeous wisteria, a big terrace enclosed by vine growing on trellis and a tiny one at the back with a miniature fountain. It was also a lot of work for a Mum of two working four days a week and with a very active social life. In the end I had to hire a gardener, as it would have been impossible to keep up. I had very little time to spend in that haven and often thought what a shame that was.

I now live in a penthouse apartment, Sexy Hubby’s and my choice. When we were looking for the perfect place, one of the requisites was a terrace. Our flat has one and we love it. It is big enough for an imposing table and eight chairs when we have guests, our fantastic barbecue and lots of pots in which plants, flowers, herbs and even tomatoes grow. We have fairy lights – you can spot a glimpse of them on the tomato photo – all year round and lots of candles. I also still have my miniature fountain, I could not bear to abandon it when I moved. Our building is not very high, but enough to have the impression to be in the sky when lying on a sun chair. I am also very fond of one of the big trees planted in the communal gardens that waves its branches and green leaves at us. And the best part is that I now have time to spend outside and enjoy the sun as I can organise my working hours the way I want.

Pure bliss.







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18 thoughts on “My Backyard – Facts & Fantasy”

    1. The place is so gorgeous that we have yearly admission cards. As for the terrace, yes, I love planting flowers in my pots without lawn moving and weeding!

    1. I always find something new to see in these gardens, it also looks quite different from one season to the next. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. No wonder you enjoy running in that park with gardens like that! Beautiful! A terrace with potted plants are a lot easier to maintain – it was a good plan 🙂

    1. Finding it a bit more inspirational than running along the road, for me anyway! 😉 As for the terrace, yes, the plan did work out pretty well…

    1. I only like a little bit of gardening, so the terrace is just perfect. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I love gardens and I do wish I could rent an apartment with a garden but they are very rare in this city so I was looking for a place with a rooftop!!! but I couldn´t find it either … still looking!!
    Enjoy that beautiful place and look at the sky while in the sun, working on your tan!!

    1. Hope you will find your dream place! 🙂 Rooftops are fantastic, I think, that being in the sky feeling, you know…

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