As I sit at my desk writing this overdue review, I am listening to Holding All The Roses, Blackberry Smoke‘s latest album, and still have a hard time deciding which track is my favourite. The opening song, Let Me Help You (Find the Door), with Charlie Starr’s distinctive voice being supported by great twin guitars work together with Paul Jackson, is a strong contender. But then the rawness of Payback’s A Bitch and the catchy folk sound of Too High have a lot of appeal too.

Released in February, Holding All The Roses is Blackberry Smoke fourth studio album and the first one released by 3 Legged Records. It was recorded in a very short time, during a break in the band’s crazy touring schedule, and produced by fellow Georgian Brendan O’Brien. In the words of Charlie Starr: “This record gives the listener a lot more to listen to”. We own all of Blackberry Smoke’s LPs and, I agree, this is their most mature work as yet. A very melodic album built on their Southern roots but with enough of a rock sound to avoid all country clichés.
Blackberry Smoke Holding All The Roses Music Review New Album

The rise of Blackberry Smoke has been a slow process. The band has been patiently building their fan base for over ten years now and I believe Holding All The Roses has the potential to dramatically increase the number of their followers. This will be helped by one of their many strengths: their fantastic shows. Sexy Hubby and I had the pleasure to experience Blackberry Smoke live last October in Cologne and to meet the band members. Let me tell you, these musicians are as cool as their studio albums sound and we are looking forward to the next opportunity to see them in concert.

Just a small note for the release of the next album: we had pre-ordered Holding All The Roses and got the package with the signed CD and a T-Shirt. I told Sexy Hubby off for ordering a man’s T-Shirt and his answer was that no woman’s T-Shirt was available… Guys, please think of your female fans and put this to right next time. 😉
Blackberry Smoke Live Kantine Cologne Concert Germany

Brandon Still – Keys
Paul Jackson – Guitar/Vocals
Brit Turner – Drums
Richard Turner – Bass/Vocals
Charlie Starr – Guitar/Vocals


1. Let Me Help You (Find the Door)
2. Holding All the Roses
3. Living in the Song
4. Rock and Roll Again
5. Woman in the Moon
6. Too High
7. Wish in One Hand
8. Randolph County Farewell
9. Payback’s a Bitch
10. Lay It All on Me
11. No Way Back to Eden
12. Fire in the Hole