Today’s review is dedicated to The Killer Instinct, Black Star Riders’ second album. The beginnings of the band and their connexion to Thin Lizzy have already been explained on this blog in Sexy Hubby’s guest post, when he attended a Black Star Riders concert in London in November 2013.
Black Star Riders The Killer Instinct Album Review

As soon as the title track starts, it is clear that Black Star Riders is picking up right where they left with All Hell Breaks Loose. This album is the logical next step in the band’s story and is the proof that good hard rock is very much alive and kicking. Scott Gorham, also Thin Lizzy’s guitarist, said: “I’m having more fun playing right now that I have in years.” This is obvious when listening to the album, as well as the chemistry between the five band members, the whole formula held together by Ricky Warwick’s powerful voice. The first of my favourite songs is Soldierstown, which I find has a Celtic feel to it with catchy back vocals and great guitar and drums work. The second one is You Little Liar, the last track on the album, its fantastic guitar solo gently fading into a quiet end.
Black Star Riders The Killer Instinct Music Review

Sexy Hubby and I had the pleasure of seeing Black Star Riders live together at Steelhouse Festival last year; the band was headlining on the Saturday night. Unfortunately we have not been able to catch them on their very recent joint tour with Europe, but hopefully there will be another opportunity later on in the year.
PS: This week is “music week” on my blog. I will add links at the bottom of each post leading to the previous reviews.
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Ricky Warwick – Vocals/Guitar
Scott Gorham – Lead Guitar
Damon Johnson – Lead Guitar
Robbie Crane – Bass Guitar
Jimmy DeGrasso – Drums

1. The Killer Instinct
2. Bullet Blues
3. Finest Hour
4. Soldierstown
5. Charlie I Gotta Go
6. Blindsided
7. Through The Motions
8. Sex, Guns & Gasoline
9. Turn In Your Arms
10. You Little Liar


1. Gabrielle
2. The Reckoning Day
3. The Killer Instinct (acoustic)
4. Blindsided (acoustic)
5. Charlie I Gotta Go (acoustic)
6. Finest Hour (acoustic)

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