Just a quick post today to say how much I enjoy throwing a party, especially when our guests come from different countries and cultures.

Take the last one for example, a couple of weeks ago: Sexy Hubby and I finally managed to organize an evening with all our friends to very belatedly celebrate our wedding (the ones of you who read my earlier posts will know that we got married just the two of us in Las Vegas last December). We did not call it a “wedding party” though as we really did not want our friends to turn up with gifts, we just wanted their company and to have some fun together!

We were about twenty people that night, old friends and new friends, and we had rather daringly decided on a BBQ party hoping for the best weather wise. As it happened we were lucky, the evenings in September are already starting to be cooler but that night felt like a warm summer one and we all enjoyed the terrace very much.

Our guest list that evening had citizens from: Germany, India, the US, France and Switzerland. Amongst the German representatives, quite a few of them had lived in countries such as Australia, the US, the UK, etc. The only representative from Switzerland – that would be me – has lived in four different countries. All of our guests of course spoke at least two, and the majority three, languages, and are keen travellers.

This makes for such interesting and entertaining conversations, comparing notes when you find out you have been living in the same country, sometimes the same city, or that you have at least visited that town during your peregrinations. It is also fascinating to learn about how life really is like in a country that you would love to visit but have not got around to yet. It is funny when people can speak just a few words of or are very rusty in a language that you master perfectly or which happens to be your mother tongue, and we try to put sentences together, correcting grammar and the way the words are pronounced (something my German friends still have to do with me, I have to admit, even though the general consensus is that I am improving a bit more every day!).

Sexy Hubby and I received a lot of thank you texts, emails or calls so I guess that everybody had as much fun as we did that night. And yes, I cannot wait for the next multicultural party!

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  1. Yes, I remember was a great night. Thanks again for that! It was a fab bunch of people, good food and nice atmosphere.
    See you soon!