Yesterday was a day of celebration in Germany, as well as in many other countries. It was time to show your Mum how much you love her and how much she means to you. This we should do every day, of course, but still, I find it nice to have an “official” day too! I did text and ring my Mum, and I was glad that my sister could be with her. I am going to visit her soon too, and will then use this opportunity to spoil her a bit.

As for me, well, for a start I was told several times during the week by Second Daughter that under no circumstances was I to get out of bed on Sunday morning until called. Sexy Hubby did get up to go and help her, and graciously brought me the requested big glass of water while I was waiting. They left to go to the baker’s, and took so long to come back that I started to get worried. Turned out that the queue, composed mainly of Dads and children, was taking up half the street and therefore they had to patiently wait for their turn.

Finally, they both bounced into the bedroom saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to me before jumping onto the bed for cuddles. I was led into our dining room/lounge, where a nicely laid table complete with candles was awaiting me. Second Daughter and two of her friends had spent the Friday afternoon baking heart-shaped muffins at our place, and this is what mine looked like:

It tasted as delicious as it looked lovely. Second Daughter had made a gorgeous card for me, as well as various little gifts, all very precious:

AND the two of them had even been thoughtful enough to put my beloved Bon Jovi on! Just perfect…


After breakfast, First Daughter rang me and we had a nice chat. I of course missed her not being here to share the day with me, but we will see each other soon and we will make up for it then. While I was on the phone, Second Daughter decided to try her hand at facials, on herself… Here she is, with her chocolate face mask and her cucumber slices!!

Sexy Hubby, Second Daughter and I then got ready and headed off to the forest. I was keen to see the massive rhododendrons again before their blossoming was over. We had an absolutely wonderful time, except for poor Second Daughter falling and grazing her knees!

While wandering around, Second Daughter asked me if I knew how to “play music” with a blade of grass. I had to confess my ignorance on that subject, but luckily Sexy Hubby came to the rescue. He masterfully showed her how to do it and she quickly got it. They then set about teaching me, and it turned out I am pretty good at this!

So here you go, lots of wonderful quality time AND a new skill learned on Mother’s Day! What more can you ask for?

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    1. It was a brilliant day indeed. As for the face mask, Second Daughter did ask a few times if she could eat it! 😉

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