Mother’s Day here in Germany will take place in May, but I am very happy to join in this week’s Gallery with an inspiring “Mother Love” theme.

I am not perfect, and neither are my children. We share wonderful times together but also have massive clashes, especially with First Daughter now having entered the “dreaded teenager phase” and Second Daughter not far behind. As I said in my “Education – More Than School” post, we do a lot of travelling together but we also have had – and still will, no doubt – to go through some extremely difficult and painful events.

What I do hope they will remember and cherish in their adulthood, though, is these little snippets of our lives, these magical moments when being together just feels right, in your heart, gut and head.

I have selected a few examples:

Carving pumpkins into Jack O’ Lanterns for Halloween.
Still doing it every year and still as much fun.


Admiring the sunset in White Sands, New Mexico.
A truly breathtaking experience.


Christmas baking.
We have an incredible choice of biscuit forms and
use an equally impressive amount of flour!


Playing the role of guinea pigs for a photographer friend.
A wonderful sunny afternoon full of laughter.


I love my daughters with all my heart and do my best to make sure they get this feeling every day.


4th photo copyright: © Saz – 2005 –
This picture cannot be used, reproduced or copied in any form without the written consent of its author.


You will find more mother love stories here: Sticky Fingers.


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25 thoughts on “Mother Love – Moments to Remember”

  1. My nieces are definitely the most beautiful children in the world!! A biased opinion, you say? Of course not!

  2. What a great chance to be mother… but motherwood is incredibly challenging, everyday, 24h around the clock, heat beat… ever… forever ;o)
    Thanks to remind me that l am a mother too and that we need to keep these fabulous little privileged moments printed as many positive tatoos…

    Have a good week-end my friend ;o)

    1. Welcome to my blog, my friend!! So lovely to see you here. Thank you, and I enjoyed the “clin d’oeil” in your comment… 😉

  3. Fortunately we’re finding the teenage stage with our boy not too horrendous (fingers crossed!). Do you think it’s worse with girls?

    1. I have no experience with boys so hard to say! Honestly we have some ups and downs, but all in all things are good and they are mostly lovely kids.

  4. That is a lovely post. Interesting to see who keeps their family out of shot ie faces and who doesn’t. when I see photos like yours I wonder fi I’m making a huge mistake I’ll regret. Hope not

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mari. Well, it is a very personal choice and a though one! I decided from the beginning what I was prepared to share or not, and our faces and names I decided to keep out.

  5. I like whole* your post because we should use to take time to stop our life and to look our good times in our life. We could see how happy we are.

    I like all* the pictures, but I have to say the last one (even cut) gives me a really good feeling. You look so beautiful all 3 !!! <3

    *guess what I mean 😉

    1. Thanks so much, my friend. Yes, it is important to stop and reflect on how lucky we are…

      * LOL!!!!

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