This is how I like to begin a new day.
With a moment of peace.
Just me,
sitting in my study with a candle burning,
breathing in and out deeply,
focusing on how I feel,
on what I want to achieve that day.
Asking for light and protection for the ones I love and for myself.
Concentrating on creating the energy I will need to accomplish my tasks,
and enjoying this connection with my inner self.


How do you start your day?




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38 thoughts on “Morning – Going Inside”

  1. Rushing around,cooking breakfast, plaiting hair, diving out the door for work…the opportunity for quiet just a promise still hanging in the air.

    1. That is a shame… I do all of that too – except for rushing out as I now work from home – but I still need some me time. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. It is lovely, is it not? As for being in a daze and grumpy, my morning routine helps me getting out of that state! 😉

    1. Well, I have now decided to focus on what makes me feel good… I still have a lot of “work” to do, but I enjoy it a lot. xx

    1. LOL! That is why I get up a little bit earlier, otherwise I would never manage to do it!

  2. Just reading this made me feel more relaxed … I will have to incorporate something similar into my life. I do do some contemplation before getting up, but nothing this serene…

    1. I have been trying to do this for quite a while, and have now found a way that really works for me. Good luck with trying! 🙂

  3. Oh, I wish I could start the day peacefully! I’m usually rudely awakened by the beep from the fan in my toddler’s room as he switches it off. Then seconds later he appears in our room demanding morning boobie milk!

    I tend to reserve the odd evening for quiet reflection with some oils burning and some soft lighting.

    1. Sometimes I do not manage to get early enough, then I have to wait until everybody has gone too, otherwise it is impossible to concentrate!! 😉

  4. Sounds like a very relaxed way to start the day. Mine usually involves strong coffee and running about after a very energetic toddler while attempting to get things done about the house..

  5. That is beautiful. Nothing like my mornings of rushing around, trying to get myself and 2 small children ready before work and nursery. I think I need a bit of meditation in my life!!

    1. Sounds like you do indeed? 😉 It is easier to fit this in now that I work from home. Good luck!

  6. I admire your morning routine. I never think about doing something like this, but I do enjoy the peace in the kitchen before everyone else gets up so maybe that’s a similar feeling.

    1. It sounds like it. I enjoy the peace and quietness before having to jump into “full on” mode! xx

  7. Nice text.

    And nice idea… to start a day with calm and alone… just a dream, here ! 😉

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