Modern Technology Can Be Brilliant

Regular readers of my blog know that First Daughter lives in Switzerland with her father. She comes to visit some weekends and during the holidays, and the rest of the time we talk. Sometimes on the phone, but mostly on Skype. And I love it.


Of course it is not the same as being together. But still, you can see each other, and it adds another dimension to communicating. First Daughter can show me her new haircut or clothes, or what changes she has made in her bedroom. And last night, she played something on the piano for me. She has recently started taking lessons again after a one year interruption, to my great joy. The piece she performed was beautiful, and very moving. And yes, I got a bit emotional. First Daughter told me it was not that amazing and so easy that I could play it, but I do not agree. For me, it was a “moment de grâce”, as we say in French, and I was very grateful technology allowed us to share it.



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10 thoughts on “Modern Technology Can Be Brilliant

  1. Lesley Beeton

    Skype is great. We have family in South Africa and Australia and the children grow up so fast. Without Skype we would never keep up.

    Enjoy the sharing x.

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      Thanks! It does make a big difference. I also get to see my goddaughter in Canada, which is lovely. 🙂

  2. Linley

    How could we live without skype ? 😉

    When piano is well-played it’s really nice ! I love piano ! Bravo First Daughter !

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      Thanks. :o) And you are right, I would never have imagined this as a kid either!

  3. Mari

    Oh how lovely, you know I too am far away form my two eldest children and thanks to Skype we can stay in touch and break down the distance barriers.
    I welled up reading your post too, thanks for sharing on #MBPW @BritMums

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      Skype is just great, must be lovely for you to be able to see your children and grand-children. I welled up writing the post as well… xx

  4. Louise Lloyd

    You have to love modern technology don’t you! Skype is a saviour in this house too. Daddy Lloyd had to work in the US for almost a year when B Lloyd was only just a year and it just wasn’t the time for us all to move and live there so we lived with Daddy in the computer. B loved seeing him on there and it made it (almost) bearable!

    P.S. Popped over from the Britmums blog post of the week, but know I have visited many of your silent sundays! X

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      Almost a year! That must have been very difficult. At least Switzerland and Germany are not too far apart and we get to see each other relatively regularly. Thanks for popping by again. xx

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