When I heard my iPhone beep, announcing the arrival of an email, I was in my bedroom, trying on a new shirt. A checked shirt. I am usually not a big fan, but this one caught my eye while out shopping and I went home with it. I had a hunch that it would look good with dark jeans and the Tony Mora boots that Sexy Hubby bought me a couple of years ago. I am also well aware by now that said Sexy Hubby absolutely LOVES seeing me in that type of clothes, something he shares with Bon Jovi as he keeps reminding me (obviously not ME in such outfits, but apparently Bon Jovi also likes to see women in a top, jeans and boots).


So here you go, and while I was at it, I played around with the photo. After the Gallery last week I decided that I absolutely HAD to get an editing/effect app for my mobile and I love the one I found, called BeFunkyFx. I ended up with eight versions of that picture and could not decide between the last four, so Sexy Hubby had to come to the rescue!


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38 thoughts on “Me Right Now – Checked Shirt And Cowgirl Boots”

    1. 😉 Was happy too that Sexy Hubby reacted so quickly (which tells you HOW MUCH he likes this look…)

  1. I love your boots, in fact I want your boots! I had a pair of cowboy boots a few years back which I wore to death.. someday I will replace them (I hope!).

    1. Yeah, another Bon Jovi fan! 🙂 I wore these boots when I went to see the band in concert last July… 😉

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