The car goes up and up the mountain. Time to slow right down again, as another incredibly sharp bend comes into view. Second Daughter and I exchange a glance: The reason I keep dropping the speed to that level is Cute Doggy in his travel box on the back seat. He is much better than when he was a puppy, but still… Driving around does not belong to his favourite activities, so we are hoping that he is not feeling nauseous.

Not long now… At last we spot the small wooden hut, the sign that we have reached “our” place. Not many people here today, only one other car, probably as the clouds show the promise of rain. As soon as we opened the door we notice the difference in temperature, at least a couple of degrees cooler. We deliver Cute Doggy and let him sniff around to his heart’s content, while we exchange cowgirl boots and sneakers for two pairs of wellies. Second Daughter gets hold of the lead and I extract my camera from its snug little bag. I am holding my breath: Will they be out?

They are. The huge hydrangea bushes, so unexpected in the middle of an otherwise very green forest. Burst of colours, fuchsia, pink, yellow and red. I start snapping, unhurriedly moving amongst the trees while Second Daughter draws, sitting on a big stone with the dog at her feet as if guarding her. I have to be careful; the ground is very wet and countless roots mean the narrow paths can be treacherous. Every time I turn around, I discover more beauty. I finally decide to stop as we have other spots to go to.

My only regret is the lack of sun and blue sky. But then, there is always next spring.
Panoramic view - Hydrangeas in forest
Pink, red, fuschia and yellow hydrangeas
Close-up - Hydrangea starting to bloom
Close-up - Hydrangea blossoming
Close-up - Hydrangea in full bloom
Pink hydrangea bush
Pink hydrangeas
Big colourful hydrangea bushes

27 thoughts on “Magic In The Forest”

  1. How beautiful…. what a stunning walk, I’ll bet the air was gorgeous too – look at those pinks and purples, so vivid. Some lovely photography here; a lovely celebration of spring! X

    1. Without a doubt one of my favourite places, and particularly gorgeous in spring. I always come back refreshed and full of energy. xx

    1. Fabulous, isn’t it?
      The close ups are my favourites too, the light was really not brilliant that day, I think that the other photos would have looked a lot more stunning with some sunshine! xx

  2. I have mixed feelings about rhodies – on the one hand I love their loud colourfulness but on the other I have spent many hours cutting them down where they have invaded our native woodlands, suffocating out the bluebells and suchlike. In a managed environment such as this though I have to agree they do look great!

    1. They must be looked after in this place, as every year they look the same to me, not invading the rest of the forest. xx

  3. Rhododendrons are my favourite. Our garden is glorious with their colours at this time of year. Glad that you all enjoyed them, and your spring day out with Cute Doggy too x.

    1. I am sure it is! 🙂
      I just have to go and see them in spring, and Second Daughter and Cute Doggy definitely had a great time too. 🙂 xx

  4. What a wonderful post Katia and beautifully written too. Was almost there with you looking at these wonderful gems. Great post thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    1. Thank you, Charly, very happy you enjoyed it and that the post brought you there with me! xx

  5. How beautiful! All that colour in the middle of nowhere. I can’t grow them – our soil just won’t support them – so I love to see them elsewhere – never seen yellow though!

    1. Yellow is unusual, I agree, it is the only place where I have seen that colour.
      What a shame that you cannot grow them. xx

  6. Such glorious colour! My father-in-law has some of these in his garden and we all love running around them – Kittys guaranteed hide-and-seek spot!

    1. I agree, all this green is the perfect background for these bright colours.
      The one on our terrace blossomed during a spot of bad weather, the rain ruined it pretty quickly and we did not get to sit outside and enjoy it. I was so disappointed! xx

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