After the BritMums Live tales, cocktails at the OXO Tower and London By Night, I thought I would write a last post about my peregrinations in this busy city.

On Thursday, my friend and I were walking around South Kensington when she exclaimed: “Oh, we HAVE to pop in there! Cake?” I was a bit taken aback until I realised that we had come across a Hummingbird Bakery… I must admit, it was as much a feast for the eyes as it was for the palate. Look at that rainbow cake! The choice was a difficult one; my friend eventually bought a carrot cupcake and I settled for a lemon one. Delicious.

Our next stop was the V&A for some Italian glamour… What a gorgeous display of dresses, outfits and shoes, ranging from 1945 to 2014. Pucci, Valentino, Miu Miu, Giambattista Valli, Dolce & Gabbana, all the famous Italian designers are represented. I loved the Roberto Cavalli leopard print sexy, floaty dress – how could I not? – but my absolute favourite was the Nicola Trussardi leather dress… The main sponsor of the exhibition being Bulgari, Elizabeth Taylor’s jaw-dropping emerald and diamond necklace also shines behind its glass case in all its glory; the actress received it as a present from Richard Burton while filming Cleopatra in Rome. If you are interested in fashion, I totally recommend it. The Glamour of Italian Fashion runs until July 27th.

An impromptu visit to the Natural History Museum saw us coming face to face – if I can put it that way – with a pair of friendly skeletons! And then of course more walking along the Thames. I offered my congratulations to the couple about to do a wedding photo session, her long veil gently fluttering in the breeze. The shiny VW bus almost made me want to go on a camping adventure. And the light. That golden light was just so beautiful.

London - South Kensington Hummingbird Bakery - Rainbow CakeLondon - Katia Funkywellies eating a lemon cupcake at the Hummingbird Bakery South KensingtonLondon - V&A Museum EntranceLondon - The Glamour of Italian Fashion - V&A - Nicola Trussardi DressLondon - Skeletons Natural History MuseumLondon - Street Art with Branches and PhotosLondon - Wedding Photo Session On BridgeLondon - VW BusLondon - Thames at sunset with St. Paul's cathedralLondon - OXO Tower

Photo of the Nicola Trussardi leather dress courtesy of The Secret


17 thoughts on “London |
Hummingbird Cupcake, Leather Dress And Skeletons

    1. I definitely recommend it, Anya, but I agree, without the boys! 😉
      Thank you so much for the compliment, which I return! 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you, Sarah, very kind of you. 🙂
      I will definitely go back to a Hummingbird Bakery and this time try that rainbow cake!!
      Thought it was a shame to use that camper van to sell food, it belongs to a music festival! 😉 xx

  1. Great post, the exhibition must be great. I wanted to see that, too, and I guess I’ll have to hurry now while I’m still in the U.K…

  2. Beautiful photos. I love wandering around London and especially the road with all the museums on it. I haven’t been in years though and now I’m thinking about maybe we should do a trip 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      Last time I was in London I saw the David Bowie exhibition, which I loved too. Hoping to be a third time lucky for my next trip! 😉 xx

  3. Oh, it looks like you had a fabulous time. The Hummingbird Bakery does sell the loveliest cupcakes doesn’t it! I’m having withdrawal symptoms from not having one in a while! There are so many places to visit too. I would love to see the exhibition in the V&A museum. Have a lovely weekend Katia. xxx

    1. I did, thank you. 🙂 And I think that V&A exhibition would be right up your street, Rachel! 🙂
      With a cupcake before or after, of course… xx

  4. That cake, that cake!… There’s a Hummingbird Bakery in Richmond now, I didn’t get time to go when I was at home… 🙁 ::::::

    1. I was still quite full from a lovely lunch when we popped into the bakery, otherwise I would have gone for the Rainbow cake… 😉
      I hope you will get the opportunity to visit the next time you are home! xx

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