So what else did I do in London apart from attending the Cybher conference?


1. I met with my lovely friend from Dorset who actually lives in Hampshire! As she is right on the border it is Dorset that somehow stuck into my mind… We spent two fantastic days together.

London Double Decker Bus


2. We visited the David Bowie is exhibition at the V&A Museum.

Victoria & Albert Museum London - Entrance Hall Glass Decoration

My organised self wanted to book the tickets online before the trip and looked it up two months before flying to London: Sold out. We therefore decided to go to the museum on the Thursday afternoon to buy tickets for the Friday, thinking we were being very clever. Only it does not work like this… 450 tickets are released every day for sale and we were advised to come back in the morning half an hour before opening time to queue and hope for the best. This we did and after queuing for an hour – it did not seem that long as we chatted the whole time! – we got our tickets, with an entry time an hour later. We headed to the museum café for a bite to eat. I can really recommend the place, the wrap filled with falafels we had was delicious!
12:45 finally arrived and we joined the queue – again – to get into the exhibition. Headphones are being handed to you for the audio tour but it is not really a commentary: As you approach the artefacts you will hear a song, an interview, David Bowie speaking about it, etc. I really enjoyed it, a wide range of mementoes from the artist’s career were on display, lots of videos and extracts of his concerts and films were shown as well as a fabulous selection of stage costumes.
It is pretty crowded despite the timed tickets but I did my best to ignore that fact and just concentrate on what I was experiencing instead. And I had a fantastic time.
I also loved how the David Bowie is sentence was being completed…

David Bowie Is Exhibition - Victoria and Albert Museum London

David Bowie Is Exhibition - Victoria and Albert Museum London

David Bowie Is Exhibition - Victoria and Albert Museum London

David Bowie Is Exhibition - Victoria and Albert Museum London


3. We had our traditional stroll in Covent Garden.

Covent Garden London - Paella Stand

Where we came across the Jedi Master Yoda… Covent Garden London - Jedi Master Yoda

We did a bit of shopping, on my side flavoured teas that I cannot find in Germany, presents and the leopard print maxi dress I ended up wearing at Cybher.


4. On Thursday evening we went to the Hard Rock Café. We were told there was a one hour and 45 minutes waiting time so I pulled my VIP card out and that got it down to 45 minutes. Equipped with some delicious Pomegranate Martinis, we sat outside to enjoy them. I saw that the shop was in a separate building and told Lovely Friend that I was under strict instructions to bring a T-Shirt back for Sexy Hubby. We had been waiting for less than half an hour when the pager we had been given started beeping. As we were being shown to our table I noticed something strange about my friend’s trousers… It turned out that the seam had split! That was enough to start hysterical laughter from us both. In fact, every time we meet something sets us off!
The meal was OK but I was a bit surprised to find out that a £9 “optional service charge” had been sneakily added to the bill. This was a first, and I have been to a lot of Hard Rock Cafés. I am all for leaving a nice tip when getting great service but this I did not like. We then headed to the door, wanting to pop into the shop to buy the requested T-Shirt… Oops, closed. Another thing I had not expected! I told Sexy Hubby that we would have to go back to London together then… and he got other presents.


5. On the Friday we had a lovely evening walk by the Thames. The sun was shining as you can see so I had to take another London Eye shot (the night version is here). London Eye At Sunset

We ended up in a tiny tapas bar, it was great being able to talk to each other without having to shout. And on our way back to the hotel we bumped into good old Herman, a corner of Germany in London!

Herman Ze German - German Sausage Restaurant London


11 thoughts on “London
From David Bowie To Herman Ze German

  1. Love your photos. I’m not a David Bowie fan but it looks like a really interesting exhibition. How the heck did that Yoda float? I kept scrolling back to look 🙂

  2. The David Bowie exhibition sounded great – lucky you! £9 is a very hefty tip – I think I would have felt a little short changed. I’m with Not My Year Off above – how is Yoda doing that floating – fab picture! X.

    1. Really enjoyed the exhibition, glad we got tickets. 🙂
      As for the tip, I thought so too, especially as it was only the two of us, not a big table. When I questioned it they removed it and we left what we felt was fair.
      I wish I knew Yoda’s trick too! 😉 xx

  3. I really thought the david bowie exhibition could have been laid out much better and found much of the lighting poor for reading, the close grouping of each type of exhibit just caused gluts of crowds. The whole thing is totally over subscribed. I found the close proximity activation of the commentary quite annoying as it faded in and out and I couldn’t talk to my family as I went around as one precluded the other. I also think the cafe at the V&A is turning quite substandard and wouldn’t recommend it anymore. So there you go, two totally different experiences of exactly the same thing, bearing in mind our visits were only an hour apart on the same day. I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than a great fan to spend their money on it and I am a great fan.

    1. I am sorry you did not really enjoy it. I still think it was very good, I personally liked the rooms getting bigger as you progressed through the exhibition and the different types of media. My friend and I discussed what we had seen once out and again, I enjoyed being immersed into it with the headphones, the commentary and the music.
      As for the café it was my first visit ever so I cannot compare but the food looked very tempting and we were happy with our choice.

  4. I really would love to see the Bowie exhibition, he is one of my teenage idols :). It sounds like you had a fabulous trip Katia and I love the picture of Yoda – how very clever x

    1. I am quite partial to him too! 😉 I thought the exhibition reflected his career and personality very well.
      I had a fantastic time indeed and was incredibly happy to be back in London, a city I love.
      Yoda was attracting quite a crowd! 😉 xx

  5. Wow, I don’t know how you fitted it all in!

    I only live 35 mins from London Waterloo but it has been ages since we were in London. My favourite spot is the South Bank, Tate Modern, OXO tower for lunch at the brasserie, looking out at St Paul’s x.

    1. We got up early to try and get our David Bowie tickets so ended up having lots of time in front of us! And we had the whole afternoon on Thursday.
      If I lived only 35 minutes away I am convinced I would go more often… 😉
      The OXO Tower was on my list too but we did not manage it. Love the Tate Modern too. Next time! xx

  6. I totally understand! I never lived in London but used to go regularly. It had been far too long this time…
    Let me know if you do decide to go!

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