As you probably guessed from the title of this post, something not very nice happened in our house last Friday… Yes, these horrible monsters called lice used Second Daughter’s hair as a medium to invade our home.

Now as most of you know, First Daughter has gone back to Switzerland to live with her Dad, which means that I only had one child to set lice free. And this fact is what made me write this post for Flashback Friday, as this event sent me right back to my childhood and the memory of having lice myself. I think we have to stop kidding ourselves like I did, feeling smug that I had managed to avoid this pest all these years, using lavender oil on my two long-haired daughters. The probability of our kids getting lice during their school years at least once must be close to 100%. So yes, it happened to me as a kid too, and of course I promptly and kindly passed them on to my brother and sister. I am therefore having a very sympathetic thought for my poor Mum right now, who had to deal not with one but with three lice-infested kids!

It happened like this for us: I dropped off Second Daughter at the hairdresser last Friday afternoon, arranging to pick her up again an hour later. Second Daughter was so looking forward to getting her hair done in time for going back to school. And we all know how important that first day of the new school year is, right? So imagine how she felt when the hairdresser found lice in her beautiful hair and called us to say that she was very sorry but could not go anywhere Second Daughter? Well, she burst into tears as soon as she got into the car. That is how she felt.

So instead of going to the restaurant and watching a movie all together as planned, we spent the evening:

  • Rushing to the chemist to get treatment for all three of us as well as a spray for the car, furniture and rugs
  • Using said treatment on our hair (it stinks like hell)
  • Going through Second Daughter’s hair for two hours with a fine, special comb, removing the culprits
  • Losing count of how many times we switched the washing machine and the dryer on
  • Putting anything that had come near us, the beds or the sofas and could not been washed at 60° in big bin bags, closing them tight and storing them for the week to come
  • Grabbing a quick bite to eat in the form of pesto spaghetti before going back to our lovely tasks
  • Arguing because of the stress and tiredness of it all

This was definitely no fun. We then collapsed into bed, Second Daughter wearing a thick winter hat, as I could not be totally sure that there was nothing alive left in her hair. The following day, we treated Second Daughter’s hair with a different, gentler and less foul-smelling lotion as a precaution, and I then spent another two hours going through her hair with the comb and a pair of tweezers.

I believe we succeeded in eradicating the bastards. And I sure do not want to see them ever again.



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14 thoughts on “Lice Attack”

  1. Blimey you were thorough at exhming those evil lice! I remember having my hair washed with that foul smelling lice shampoo several times as a child when an outbreak of headline erupted at school! Am sure I will have to go through it with my own kiddies at some point 🙁

    1. I did not want to have to do this all over again two weeks later!! I hope you will be able to avoid them, less risk with boys and short hair, apparently… 😉 xx

  2. I surprisingly got through my whole school life never having them – not sure how! Hope you’ve managed to get rid of the little buggers!!

    1. Lucky you!! We seem to now be lice free, thanks. Going to the hairdresser myself on Friday, hoping there will be no nasty surprises!!

    1. Thanks for the link, have saved it. I am still checking Second Daughter’s hair, to her great annoyance, but I have not found anything for a few days now. Fingers crossed. xx

  3. OMG! Do you know what?! I have NEVER (at least to my recollection) had lice! I am dreading it with Ella as I’m sure it will happen at some point. She has such lovely hair as well. Weep. Well done you for surviving it! Gah! 😉

    Thanks again for taking part in Flashback Friday. You are a wonderful supporter! 😉


    1. So you are also a lucky one!! Good luck with Ella, and yes, it is hard work but we managed to avoid cutting Second Daughter’s long hair, to her immense relief!
      As for taking par in Flashback Friday, my pleasure! 🙂 xx

  4. I hope you never see again ! and DD2 also !

    Next time… the scissor is your friend ! 😉 (I’m kidding, DD2 !)

  5. Remember the ancient Egyptians remedy against lice: don’t just cut the hair, shave the head, works like a charm!

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