As the last sunny days of the Indian summer will soon be over, the urge to reassess our wardrobes and decide what is missing or needs to be replaced usually happens. Personally, I like to feel warm at all times. I therefore make sure that I have a versatile supply of cosy jumpers and cardigans for these freezing months.

While browsing K&, I discovered how much choice was on offer. There must be at least one item to suit all styles, ages, tastes and body shapes. I picked the following four as my favourites:


K & Co - South Sequin Edge to Edge CardiganSouth Sequin Edge to Edge Cardigan

This sequined cardigan would be perfect for now, when the weather is still hesitating between warm and cold. It looks great with jeans and a T-Shirt like on the photo, but could also be worn either with a dress or a skirt and a white blouse.


K & Co - Love Label Eyelash Yarn JumperLove Label Eyelash Yarn Jumper

I really like the two different textures on this white jumper. The top makes it look sexy without the chill factor. I would wear it with a denim skirt or a pair of jeans.


K&Co - Definitions Eyelash Print CardiganDefinitions Eyelash Print Cardigan

As for this cardigan, what can I say? Regular readers of my blog know all about my leopard print addiction, so there had to be one in my selection! Great with leather trousers or tailored black trousers for a smart look.


K & Co - South Cable Stripe HoodieSouth Cable Stripe Hoodie

I love the idea of a hoodie in the winter. Going out for a walk it can really make a difference by protecting your head and the back of your neck. The choice of colours on this one, together with the touch of red and the print on the inside of the hood, appealed to me.

All knitwear by K&Co is reasonably priced and you find special offers too. In addition, there is the possibility to pay a weekly amount for your purchase.

Time to get ready for the autumn and winter!
Images courtesy of the K&Co website.

Disclosure: This post was written in association with K&Co. Words and opinions are my own.


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